Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Winter, whites and wreaths this week!

This week, winter has really set in in Seoul. Temperature is plummeting to -18C makes me crave for sun and sand :) I am waiting impatiently for the trip to the beaches of Taiwan this weekend.

Last week we had white lily, white rose and white lace flower and eucalyptus leaves at the Korean Flower Arrangement. Not only beautiful, it smells so good!

white rose in the korean flower arrangement
White rose, white lilies, white lace flower along with the eucalyptus leaves
Korean flower arrangement shadow.
Interesting shadow it made!
Frozen in white
Frozen white. I wanted to grab some sketch pen and fill in the colors here! :)
I caught this in Itaewon while walking back home after picking up my son from school. Looks like they were selling shirts and other stuff branded with Frozen. It started snowing!

White Christmas decorations at the Express Bus Terminal
White Christmas decorations at the Express Bus Terminal
Express bus terminal is the place to be to do the Christmas shopping or just gaze around the shops that are bedecked with such pretty things that it is so hard to look away! Namdaemun and Dongdaemun markets are great with Christmas presents as well but they are open air markets! While the express bus terminal market is a toasty underground one :)

More whites
Wreaths made of winter berries, poinsetta, baubles and all! 
I was tempted to buy something. Everything was so pretty! But too many choices and pretty things just overwhelm me and I ended up going home just taking home the pictures and the memories of this pretty place in Seoul.
Purple Christmas trees seem to be in this year!

W for Winter, whites and wreaths for ABC Wednesday


  1. Hmm...I feel the holiday spirit in this post. Thank you
    You have a lovely white Christmas.

    And enjoy your beach weekend. Looking forward to the stories.
    We're also heading to the coast. ;)

  2. Great Christmas feeling here. :)

  3. beautiful shots! last capture was beeeaauutiful ... loved the Korean way of flower arrangement :)

  4. just did the conversion, -18C is about 10F; cold indeed!


  5. You captured the festival mood so well in your photos from Seoul! While and red are great colors to go with Christmas... and celebrating with snow is something special I ever experienced. Hope your weekend was spend warm

  6. What a wonderful festive feel to this post 8 days to go before the Wonderful day arrives,
    best Wishes,
    ABCW team.

  7. Beautiful captures. Christmas preparations are in full swing.

  8. Wow, beautiful pics. I love the white doll, it's striking.

  9. Beautiful images, very festive...


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