Wednesday, April 1, 2015


All flowers are beautiful. I really enjoy watching, photographing, drawing and arranging flowers. Of all the flowers, the national flower of India takes the cake. The beautiful lotus!

Arising from the dirt and grime, the lotus flower, bathed in sunlight, rises up high- unsoiled by the surroundings- pure and pristine. The lotus leaf is another amazing creation, which doesn't get wet though it grows in water.

It is no wonder that the lotus is metaphoric with purity and spiritualism. The flower blossoms in the warm morning sun and closes at night symbolizing the blossoming of the mind with the illumination of spiritual knowledge and recoiling without it. The lotus flower blooming high and pure away from the surroundings is metaphoric to how a person should live, performing his duty, rising up high over the surroundings and free from attachments like the lotus leaf is untouched by water. The lotus is considered important in the Korean culture too. The Lotus lantern Festival is an amazing display of light and color to celebrate the birth of Buddha. It is an interesting time when we get to make lotus lanterns in numerous colors and designs.

Lotus at the Love river in Taiwan
Lotus leaves at the Love River in Taiwan

lotus doodle
My lotus doodle
L for  Lotus for ABC Wednesday


  1. Beautiful.. Nice post... :)
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  2. Interesting to know that Lotus is important in the Korean culture too. The lotus lantern festival sounds interesting too. When does that take place? Along with the Lunar New year?

    1. The lotus lantern festival is celebrated from May 15th ~May 18th in 2015 to celebrate Buddha's birth. Seoul looks gorgeous with the lanterns lit up and there are many places to make the delicate lotus lanterns. Best time to visit Korea DN :)

  3. The lotus lanterns are beautiful. Amazing flower.

  4. "Love your drawing" Just learn something new about Lotus, never knew they even grew in water.

  5. What a wonderful doodle!
    In Eastern Philosophy, it's advocated to LIVE LIKE LOTUS. A great post indeed :)

  6. Its beautiful ! mesmerizing :) hopping to the other post to see the lotus lantern ...


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