Monday, November 5, 2012

Colors of the Season

Fall is a new season for me. I was so looking forward to the beautiful colors of the leaves and the nip in the weather. Seoul did not disappoint. Though there are specific places in Seoul to enjoy the true colors of the season, i could see the colors at every signal!
yellow and red leaves at Seoul
Red and Yellow

Fall leaves at Seoul National University, Seoul
Orange, Yellow and Green in between :)

Red leaves at Seoul
Shades of red

Fallen yellow leaves
Fall(en) leaves!

Yellow trees at Seoul
Yellow is my favorite!

Red, yellow and green leaves at Seoul National University, Seoul
One tree, many colors

Yellow leaves
Yellow leaves in movement

Colorful fall Leaves in movement
Colors at speed

Orange leaves at Seoul National University, Seoul
Orange has been promoted as the new favorite!

Beautiful colors of leves
What a lovely shade!

Leaves and color
Fifty shades of red.
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Thursday Challenge: Orange
Color Connection 
ABC Wednesday- R for Red Leaves


  1. Lovely burst of colours indeed! Well captured!

  2. Beautiful photographs. We can never get enough of fall colors on the trees. Lovely!!!

    1. Very true, cant stop clicking pictures of them :)

  3. Fabulous. We dont notice fall so much in India so its a treat to see it through your eyes. Lovely!

  4. Great series on fall colors! Glad u got to experience fall season there :)

  5. I love to see fall colors and I miss them here in NZ. There are mostly evergreen trees here.

  6. Wow!The autumn leaves make me smile. They show me that change is beautiful and natural....I love fall, the changing of the leaves, all those beautiful colors: reds, golds, oranges, browns yellows and purples... aah, it's wonderful!
    Thanks for sharing.., Meoww:)

  7. amazing !!!! nothing less than fairyland !

  8. Beautiful pictures!

    You know I always love these colour combination of red and yellow...and these pictures make me want to be there..experiencing it in person :)

  9. So colorful! There is hardly any change of colors here.

  10. wow wow wowow simply wowow.. autumn is so beautiful


  11. Beautiful Autumn colors and superb captures for the day! Thanks for sharing the beauty of the season in your world!! Have a great weekend!

  12. Your autumn colours look wonderful, especially the red/oranges.

  13. Fall is really beautiful, warm and colorful. thanks for the visit!

  14. What gorgeously vibrant shots!

  15. Nice autum colors. From color connection!

  16. Beautiful Fall in the everywhere. Thanks for sharing. I like your motto on the sidebar a lot!

  17. I love the colors of fall! beautiful shots!

    Visiting for color connection
    Rock Star party Preparation

  18. beautiful photos. what can i say, i really love fall colors. visiting for SkyWatch Friday

  19. Did you try a bit of post processing on the pics? I feel they could be made little brighter

  20. I miss driving around Korea at this time of the year! Beautiful captures.

    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

  21. Those colors definitely indicate fall! How nice! The trees really brighten up the big city scenes.

  22. Gorgeous, Gorgeous fall! I've taken some pictures too, yet to put it up.
    Enjoy the season, dear Meoww.:)


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