Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Air plants look and feel really curious! A plant which has no roots. Does not need soil to root in. That is just too weird!

The air plants are epiphytes which are plants that grow on other plants and which generally do not need to soil to grow. They gather nutrients and water from the air through structures called trichomes which are present in the leaves. There are so many varieties and flowers in so many bright colours.

This plant that I have brought is of the Bromeliaceae family and is of the genus Tillandsia- Tillandsia stricta.  These plants are native to the forests and deserts of Central and South America, Southern part of North America and the West Indies. These plants are not parasites which means that they make their own food and are not dependent on other plants for food.

Though I came to buy this in Korea at the Flower Festival, I have seen these plants in Bangalore too.

Tillandsia stricta with pretty pink flowers
Tillandsia flowers with pretty violet flowers.

Flowering Tillandsia
Pretty pink sepal with a bright violet flower

Airplant in a glass jar
The Tillandsia stricta in a glass jar

Airplants need no soil to grow!
Airplants grow without soil. The glass beads are there just to make the glass jar pretty! 

Airplants need water to grow
The airplants need to be watered though. And i give them a good dunk in a vessel of water for 2hours every week.

They also need ample sunlight
Airplants need ample sunlight.

Airplants pups
Airplants give rise to new plants or pups after they flower. I am eagerly awaiting for mine :)
But i think the plants grow very slow and takes around a year to flower again. But the plants are also so hardy that it is very hard to kill them. And, it is just too pretty to have them around. 


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