Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Blue beaches of Taiwan

Pleasant 25 degree C temperature, beautiful blue beaches, yummy street food 4 for under $10! Taiwan still remains an awesome undiscovered paradise. Our 5 day trip to Taiwan was just too good because of the fact we had nothing much to do except walk the sandy beaches, eat until until our hearts content and chat away without the interruptions from the gadgets. Great family bonding time.

Taiwan beach
I have never seen such thick vegetation so close to the beach. Remember the last scene from the Life of Pi movie where the tiger leaves Pi to disappear into the jungle? This is where it was shot. 
Taiwan is a volcanic island, which rich soil enabling the growth of thick vegetation
Taiwan is a volcanic island, with the rich soil enabling the growth of thick vegetation even so close to the beach

The white sand and blue beach of Taiwan
I cannot resist being close to the beach without getting my legs wet.
Beach in Taiwan
This beach was supposedly a place for many water sports but since it was windy, all activities were closed :(
B for Bridge
Interesting experience to walk through a miniature bridge over the backwaters
The copper sulfate blue beach in Taiwan
We watched this rough sea beach which was apt for surfing with its huge and rough waves while riding our two wheeler in Kenting in South Taiwan, Again, the vegetation so close to the beach and the blue sea still remains in my memory
vegetation at the light house place
Vegetation at the Southernmost tip of Taiwan
Sign which said beware of the snakes
Here, I was reminded of the Fanghorn Forest which arises just after a plain. This was a thick forest too, infested with snakes...
Blue beach, white sand
Blue beach and white sand of Taiwan.
 B for Blue Beaches of Taiwan for ABC Wednesday


  1. Seems lovely to spend a day!!
    Beautiful captures!

  2. Luring pictures.
    Great captures.

  3. Your photos makes me miss my hometown where I grew up in the Philippines.

    Catching up with BLUE

    Have a great Wednesday

  4. Beautiful photo post!
    How we all love beaches! :)

  5. Great choice for B.
    My favourite one is the pretty bridge.
    Id never want to return from here.
    Lovely shots at and around the beach

  6. Thank you for the wonderful walk! I should like to see everything except the snake area.
    Have a nice weekend!
    Wil, ABCW Team

  7. Somebody is back from the beach holiday. I bet it was fun.
    Is Seoul still cold?

    Lovely pictures, Meoww. :)

  8. They can name it as greenish beach as well! Great to see green vegetations close to beach and it looks beautiful. Nice capture

  9. Breathtakingly beautiful, didn't like the beach forest with snakes..
    I am terrified of them, I'd steer well clear of that beach.
    Best wishes,
    ABCW team.


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