Monday, November 14, 2011

The Tintin Treat!

Spontaneity is awesome.

Beautiful Sunday morning in Bangalore when we found ourselves at the movies with first row tickets to the Adventures of Tintin in the Secret of the Unicorn, in 3D. No time to even think whether a 3D movie would be good to be watched from the front row... Settling down in our seats and the movie is up!

 Tintin, the young journalist is swept into an treasure-hunting adventure when he innocuously buys a model of a ship at the flea market. He bumps into the whiskey drinking, but daring Captain Haddock, whose ancestor was the guardian of the treasure. Together, they team up against the descendent of Red Rackham- the pirate (Dr Sakharin) who is bent on hustling the treasure for himself.

Animating a already famous 2D character from a book into a animated person takes a lot of courage. I wasn't even sure whether that it would work. But Tintin in person, though animated, fit great. Just as sweet and loveable. Even the wind-swept hair was just too good. Amazing facial expressions, which are totally in tune with the character. Ditto for Haddock, Thompsons. Would have loved more if Snowy was drawn a bit more cuddlier and Castofoire had more of the parroty-nose!

The movie does not follow the book. Infact, it merges the stories of three books (Crab with the Golden Claws, Secret of the Unicorn and The Red Rackham Treasure) and also invents a bit more. Straying away from a well-written story was not even an issue. The stories were judiciously blended and with the extra seasoning, the end result was exciting.

And the 3D pep was awesome. It made the movie so grand and invigorating. The eagle chase through the streets of Baghar was excellently filmed and gave a huge yeah for the 3D!

All in all, the movie, released on 11.11.11 is a great watch if you have read the books and even more so if you have not. A treat to watch :)

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