Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Double decker views

The Seoul city tour by night on the double decker bus was another one on the bucket list of things to do before i leave Seoul. I have no idea of what i was expecting. A brilliant night time of the city I currently call home, view from atop without the hassle of climbing up a mountain or was it just that I had seen too many movies featuring the double deckered ride that i felt the need to go on one? Anyway, with a lot of spirit, I boarded the bus which takes a Han river focussed route.

Seoul city tour double decker bus
Image from

I got into the seat that was allotted according to the time it was booked. Comfy seats with the promised headset which provided multi-lingual audio translation. I was set on the seat behind the first seat on the top. It was good, but the front seat would have been the best seat for taking pictures. Though the view through the windows were pretty nice too.  We started out exactly at 8PM from Gwanghwamun and snaked our way through the traffic to the bridges of the Han River. The city itself is full of skyscrapers all lighted up in unique, interesting and sometimes weird ways. The bridges over the river are all lighted up and are distinct from each other. Good for pics! The audio did not do justice to the bridges in the sense that it was just delivered a two lines about each bridge. But it was a diversion listening the information in various languages :) We didnot get to see the rainbow fountain show in the Banpo bridge :( which I thought was the major attraction of the tour. The traffic too seemed determined to slow us down and it took us forever to move in some places which made the tour so boring and too long for me and the kids. This was not a fun tour nor informative :(

night time view of Seoul
Night time view of Seoul atop the double decker Seoul city tour.
Super shot of night time Seoul from the Seoul tour bus
The bus started out fast...
Skyscrapers at night Seoul
Soon was slowed down due to the horrible traffic in Seoul. Jihachul is the way to go in Seoul.
Han River at night
Pretty views of the Han River 
Night time view of the bridge over the Han River
Interesting patterns, dont you think?

night time Traffic in Seoul
Traffic shakes
Skyscrapers edging the Han River
Skyscrapers edging the Han River
Han River and the tall buildings
I like the patterns made by the lights! 
Another bridge over the Han river at night
Yet another bridge over the Han River
Night time traffic in Seoul
Shaky lights


  1. Wow! Awesome shots! Seeing my top wanna go destination through your eyes!!!

  2. The night life seems to be very active there.

  3. interesting! I am reminded of my double Decker experience in London. D, you need to get a quick shutter speed Cam :)

    1. D, now u can follow my art at

  4. Fantastic....amazing shosts...Thanks for sharing...

  5. Amazing..I have no words to explain that how beautifull it looks..Thanks for sharing such fantastic views..

  6. I like the idea of a night tour on a double decker bus. It MUST have been awesome. :)

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    Wow! Awesome shots! Seeing my top wanna go destination through your eyes!!!


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