Wednesday, September 25, 2013

"Dreams come true" trip to the Myeongjae mansion at Nonsan

Dreams do come true! Thanks to my Korean teacher, our family had the pleasure of visiting the Myeongjae Old Mansion in Nonsan. This is the mansion of a Korean scholar who lived from 1629 ~ 1714AD. This mansion was built by his students as a gift to the humble professor who believed in equal rights to all people when there was a marked difference in the life of the common people and the educated officials in Korea. I have always wanted to try to stay in a traditional Korean hanok, understanding the construction, experiencing the culture and enjoying the environment. I was looking into the hanoks at Bukchon in Seoul when this irresistible offer came by! Here, I had an opportunity to experience an authentic 300 year old mansion, for a night, enjoy a traditional tea ceremony in the outdoors next to the ginseng plantation overlooking the mansion itself and the kimchi pots and get a guided tour about the various aspects of the construction of the hanok itself and the philosophies of the scholar it belonged too. It was a dream come true!

We were taken to the Myeongjae mansion along with a camera crew who interviewed us about our experiences at the mansion. It was quite an experience! We were taken to Nonsan by KTX from Yongsan station and we took the taxi for a 10 minute ride to the mansion, all the while being clicked :) I felt like a princess ;) 

Nonsan in Korea

We were greeted with quite a view right when we get off the taxi. Beautiful setting of the mansion- with the mountain behind and an artificial pond in the front of the house- was typical of the traditional Korean houses. But this mansion did not have a boundary wall surrounding it like a typical Korean official's house would have. It was done as a sign to welcome all visitors, in accordance to the scholar's philosophy.

The beautiful pond in front of the mansion.
The picturesque pond in front of the mansion where meditation and relaxation would be easy, dont you think? 
Doenjang pots in the beautiful Myeongjae mansion
The mansion along with the Doenjang (fermented soya bean paste)  pots. I was lucky, I even got to taste the paste!
 The Korean traditional mansion had separate areas for the men and women and had separate rooms for the 3 generations of men and women. The men's room was in the front, with separate rooms for the grandfather, father and the son with detachable door/windows. The women's quarters was behind with views to check on the kimchi and doenjang pots and with rooms for the grandmother, mom and daughter in law. The child's room faced the women's quarters so that the mom could care for the child.
Womens quarters in the Myeongjae mansion
The women's area at the mansion with storage areas in the top which kept the food airy and fresher for a few more days. The positioning of the quarters was such that it was easy for the women of the house to keep an eye on all the workers around the house.

The women's area at the myeongjae mansion

Men's quarter's in Myeongjae mansion.
Men's quarters in Myeongjae mansion. The mansion was made out of hanji paper and wood. The rectangular frames on the left and right are detachable. It ensured privacy as well.  
The child's bedroom which leads to the women's quarters.

Room with a view
What a view to wake up to! Interestingly, this detachable window had the same ratio as the widescreen TVs we have now! The view all through the house from each window or door was so pretty that there was no other need for an artificial picture/painting to pep-up the place! This was the grandfather's room.
The hi-fi camera used (by professionals) to take arial pictures of the mansion

Yum dinner at Nonsan
We were treated with a yum dinner by the crew that night!

Cultural performance at Myeongjae mansion
We also had a cultural treat at the mansion performed by famous artists in Korea.
Musical instruments at the mansion

Early morning view of the mansion
Misty morning at the mansion
Different fruit varieties at the Mansion
Trees around the mansion were decked with fruits
The Tea ceremony
The Korean Tea ceremony was my absolute favorite time at the mansion. A close relative of the descendant of the scholar, attired in the traditional hanbok, taught us about the key elements involved in the tea ceremony while pouring us a hot cup of tea. My God! It was an hour i would never forget in my life! 

interesting stove at the Myeongjae mansion
The interesting portable stove for our supply of hot water for the tea. 

We also had pretty tasty snacks along with the tea. 
The Myeongjae mansion was built with a lot of interesting ideas which included a low chimney- according to the philosophy of the scholar- that poor people should not see the smoke from the other person's chimney when they could not afford a proper meal. 

There were many people visiting the mansion while we were there, including the mayor of Nonsan! It was quite an experience to see the professionals at work! 


  1. wow!! the pictures gave me the experience of actually being there...looks like a lovely place and great weather. loved the shot with the soya pots and the view from the quarters. :)

    1. Oh thanks Preethi. It was such a perfect day and a very interesting place~

  2. Congratulations!!! I am sharing my Creative blogger award with you!!
    Do check out my post :)

  3. Lucky you!. I liked those traditional vessels. Missing our copper stuff, we used to have , in Granny's and mom's places.
    A lovely post.

  4. wow ! thanks for the virtual trip .... looks amazing ...

  5. Great shots of the place. I like that exterior more than interior.

    1. Everything is so different from the buildings that i am used to back home. It looked so delicate but it withstands temperatures of -25c in the winter! It was quite amazing to see all that.

  6. You sure were a VVIP there!! What a great experience!!

  7. Moments to cherish! Great coverage of the place, thanks for taking us along virtually! :)

  8. Wow...amazing pictures, meoww! What an experience it must have been...loved their cooking vessels, especially that copper-pot for boiling tea-water!
    Thanks for this amazing tour...

  9. Korean's technology is hi-fi and still they preserve their old heritage. Nice post

  10. OMG! this must have been such a privilege. You not only got to see this ancient mansion but live in it and have some traditional food there too. Wow!! And we're privileged to be able to read this and see these pics. Such an interesting post. Thank you so much, Devi.

  11. So jealous of you!!! beautiful photos and descriptions!!! :) as always!

  12. Great. this blog is different from others and all pictures are looking ultimate and interesting.

  13. Wonderful blog with awesome pictures.

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    I really liked this post so I wanted to message you. My name is Andy and I'm part of an online travel startup and I was wondering if you would be interested in collaborating in the future?


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