Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Fantasy world in Dongdaemun Seoul

An alien habitat in the middle of Seoul?

That's the thing about buildings in Seoul! The structures here are so peculiar. Seoulites go in for creative and clearly individualistic structures. I find the building structures here unique. They are not always pretty in my opinion but they are so distinctively different that it makes heads turn for sure!

Bird's eye view of the  Dongdaemun Design plaza
Pic by
Dongdaemun Design plaza, located just opposite the Doota! and Migliore shopping malls in Dongdaemun is a one colossal, out-of-the-world building!

Dongdaemun Digital plaza
Dongdaemun Design plaza is a smooth, curvy, alienistic structure in Dongdaemun.  
Linked to Skywatch Friday.

Curves of the Design plaza in Dongdaemun
Such unnerving curves in a building!
Smooth white curves of the Dongdaemun Design  Plaza
Can you see clone troopers around the corners? Aren't reminded of Princess Leia's ship?

unique windows of the Design plaza in Dongdaemun
Cleverly camouflaged windows
 This DDP houses many exhibition halls and convention halls. The WETA workshop's Fantasy was housed in B1 floor of the DDP. Entering into an alienistic environment, we were transported to another fantastic world.

Fantasy workshop in Dongdaemun Design Plaza ~ Gollum
We were looking forward to see some of the hands involved in the creation of some of the big names in Hollywood movies. LOTR, Hobbit series, KingKong etc.

Azorg  the defiler in life size
Azorg the defiler in life size was a crowd favorite. 

Friendly dragon
Inspiration for the Luck dragon from the Never Ending story?
 This place was not only for the movies, as I quickly understood. It was a showcase of imaginations running wild, condensed in a solid form. Art works ranged from sculptures of human faces, animals, fantastic beings, aliens, habitats of interesting folk captured in pencil art, sculptured in bronze, wood and stone, along with paintings and photography.

circular art
Simple but interesting!

Jar jar binks at Dongdaemun DP
Do I detect a bit of Jar Jar Binks?

Pencil art plant dragaon?
Pencil Art. Plant Dragon?

Sweet snowy in DDP
Expensive but sweet snowy
Brick wall? brick mask? at the Fantasy exhibition
Brick house? Brick mask? you decide!

Fantastic beast at the DDP Seoul
Fantastic beast

King Kong at Fantasy exhibition at DDP
King Kong 

Human face at the DDP , Fantasy exhibition, Seoul

Tamil movie at the Fantasy exhibition in DDP Seoul
It was a sweet surprise to see a Tamil movie on the list of movies churned out by the WETA team.

Commenting at the Fantasy exhibition

The exhibition was a good thing as it inspired my kids a lot, that they decided to draw their hearts out in the comments section of the exhibition. Fantasy turned out to be a fantastic experience :)

The Fantasy Exhibition runs from June 6th to August 17th 2014. 

Must go. In my opinion :)


  1. Fascinating post!!

    Great to see you back!!

    1. Magic Eye, thanks. determined to stay :)

  2. Kudos to the passion and for your eyes that enjoys Seoul inch by inch...
    btw, showy looks cute

    1. Thanks Sathish :) I am enjoying Seoul to the core!


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