Thursday, May 8, 2014

Korean Flower Arrangement~ An inspiring artform

Korean Traditional flower arrangement is called KothKoji 꽃꽂이 is fast gaining popularity around the world along with the K-Pop, K- Dramas, Samsung, and well, Korea itself. Worlds apart from the Western flower arrangement- wherein the lush greens intermingle with the flowers, Kothkoji has less greens and more cleaner and well-defined lines using branches, stalks and flowers. K-Flower arrangement, I find, is kind of a midway between its neighboring cousin of Ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement) and the Western arrangements. While Ikebana is simplicity itself, with a minimalistic use of flowers, leaves and branches, K-Flower arrangement uses much more greenery and flowers but not to the extent of the Western arrangements.

Learning Kothkoji was not a simple task as it involves ripping off the leaves- which i found totally undoable and appalling, until the lines of the branches are visible. Flowers, stalks and branches are arranged the complementing each other in a triangle with a main stem, secondary and tertiary stems. There are three main styles in Korean Flower Arrangement: The Upright style, Slanting style and Hanging style. Hard as it was to remove off perfectly beautiful leaves only to put them back in the arrangement as a filler, learning kothkoji has been a rollercoaster ride into the beautiful Korean culture. However hard it was, the end result was always so beautiful, so serene and harmonious that i have come to adore this art form <3 p="">

Orchids, Pussy Willow, Bird of Paradise combination.

Christmas decoration with ivy, poinsetta and baby's breath

Christmassy center piece
Rununculus, hydrangea combination
Never knew Violet, orange and white combination would work out so well :) 
Lily in the upright style Korean Flower arrangement

One of my favorite arrangements using bamboo and fern and cherry blossoms

This is an extension of the Upright style arrangement using two separate arrangement, connected by the bamboo with water
The Korean Flower arrangement classroom

Lily and peonies

Valentine's day special~ Arrangement using roses, eucalyptus,carnation

Lotus pods and ferns along with eucalyptus after the flowers are gone!

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