Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Winter, whites and wreaths this week!

This week, winter has really set in in Seoul. Temperature is plummeting to -18C makes me crave for sun and sand :) I am waiting impatiently for the trip to the beaches of Taiwan this weekend.

Last week we had white lily, white rose and white lace flower and eucalyptus leaves at the Korean Flower Arrangement. Not only beautiful, it smells so good!

white rose in the korean flower arrangement
White rose, white lilies, white lace flower along with the eucalyptus leaves
Korean flower arrangement shadow.
Interesting shadow it made!
Frozen in white
Frozen white. I wanted to grab some sketch pen and fill in the colors here! :)
I caught this in Itaewon while walking back home after picking up my son from school. Looks like they were selling shirts and other stuff branded with Frozen. It started snowing!

White Christmas decorations at the Express Bus Terminal
White Christmas decorations at the Express Bus Terminal
Express bus terminal is the place to be to do the Christmas shopping or just gaze around the shops that are bedecked with such pretty things that it is so hard to look away! Namdaemun and Dongdaemun markets are great with Christmas presents as well but they are open air markets! While the express bus terminal market is a toasty underground one :)

More whites
Wreaths made of winter berries, poinsetta, baubles and all! 
I was tempted to buy something. Everything was so pretty! But too many choices and pretty things just overwhelm me and I ended up going home just taking home the pictures and the memories of this pretty place in Seoul.
Purple Christmas trees seem to be in this year!

W for Winter, whites and wreaths for ABC Wednesday

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The sign of the V

Nobody can miss the V signs that people in Korea make when posing for a picture here in Korea. All people young or old, male or female can be seen flaunting the sign of the V. Though many Koreans whom I talk to did not know why they did the V sign when they pose for the camera, I heard that the V may stand for victory, for the peace sign or (possibly in the olden times) the symbol of chopsticks to indicate that they were going for a meal presently.

V sign
The V sign :) V for Victory/Peace/chopstick/just a quiky pose?
Though the above below is the typical example of the V sign, with many variations in various levels of cuteness involving both the hands as well.

V makes the picture complete!
V makes the picture complete!
Typical poses made with fingers for the camera

 < ^^ > V signs made with both hands close to the eyes. 
<3 The index and thumbs of both the hands are curled to make the heart sign. (sarang he 사랑 해)
Thumbs up for wishing the best of luck or as the Koreans say it, Fighting!

I have not seen any Korean keeping the V behind anyone's head to form a horn, which was the main way to pose when I am with friends :)

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Live the movies!

I am a Geminian. Colorful dreams and vivid imagination are a mandatory part of my package. Books and movies have been the vessels of transportation by which I have become a princess living in a castle, an adventuress discovering new treasures in uncharted places, and also by which I take a peek at the luxuries ways of the world. Airbnb, I believe, is about to transform all my fantasies into reality!
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Lady of Pemberly

Count me in. Even for a day, I would love to live in an English Castle in the countryside like the one described in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. It would be a dream come true to walk the estates, sleep in the four poster bed, feel the stone walls, to be waited upon and have a ball at that place! Will the dreamy Darcy be included in the deal, do you think?

An English Castle ~ Pemberly Style
An English Castle ~ Pemberly Style is first on my list

Swiss Family Robinson or Robinson Crusoe inspired : Private Island

All the comforts of the home with a bit of adventure and stunning views! I could immensely enjoy solitude of a private island living for a week  or even more, drinking in the peace, watching the world move by.

Private island living~ Robinson Crusoe style but with the comforts of home
Private island living~ Robinson Crusoe style but with the comforts of home

Titanic Luxury

What could be better than spending a few days rollicking in the sun and blue waters, reliving the luxury of a private yacht in the Titanic style (skipping the tragedy at the end, of course)? Sharing the luxury with the soul-mate, of course!

Titanic Luxury
Titanic Luxury

Hobbit-hole, and that means comfort.

It is not a dirty wet hole, nor yet a dry, bare, sandy hole (~from The Hobbit). With perfectly round doors, ample space and comfort within, overlooking a meadow, sloping towards the river. Very similar to the hobbit-holes portrayed in The Hobbit and the LOTR movies, this place cannot be missed by its true blue fan!

Hobbit-hole, and that means comfort
Hobbit-hole, and that means comfort

Ewok's Nest

Remember the cute little teddy bear creatures in StarWars VI with whose help Leia and Han Solo overpower the clones to destroy the shield generator of the Death Star? They lived in such cute little nests up in the trees! I would love to live high up in the air, catch in the first drop of the rain, take in the first rays of the sun, wake up listening to the call of the birds, surrounded by lush green vegetation!

Ewok's nest
Ewok's nest

Now to live the life in the movies... Thank you Airbnb.
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This is an entry to the Indiblogger Happyhours #AirbnbWishList
All the pictures used are from Airbnb.


This post is a part of the #WillYouShave activity at Blogadda in association with Gillette.

This cute teenage boy I know, who had recently sprouted more than-the-average-amount of facial hair, was flummoxed. He was trying to conduct the games at his little brother's birthday party. Last year his party games were a big hit with the 5 year olds thronging for his attention and enjoying every minute of the party games, even refusing to go home. This year, his cracked voice was not making any kind of impact on the kids. They were totally wild and distracted. As he was striving to get their attention, I noticed one little girl crying to her mother in the corner. As I go near her, I hear her say, "Where is Darshu Anna(brother)? Why is this uncle boring us?".

My heart heavy, I resolve to turn the tables for the Darshu, the furry yet sweet teenage boy. Mustering as much innocence as I could, I ask my husband why this handsome yet bristly teenage boy was sporting so much stubble giving him a scraggy, shaggy and shabby look. Before he could answer, I coax him to share his secret of smooth-as-a-baby's-butt face. Bursting out with joy and pride, he walks straight towards the disconcerted, hairy teenage boy.

"Ok, kids! Cake time!" cries my careless husband, much to the bewilderment of the hostess and pulls the nice yet stubbly teenage boy aside. "You want to play in the big league from now on, my friend, " he says, "you better get ready for it! I recommend Gillette." And, walks straight away to try the cake.

Few days later, I notice the clean shaven, smart teenage boy at a potluck luncheon, merrily chatting with his friends. It was obvious that he was getting favorable attention from the pretty girls around as well.

Later on, when the little ones were cranky just when the adults were trying to fall into the daze induced by good food and great company, my husband calls out to the smooth faced, well groomed teenage boy. "Darshu, why not conduct some games for the kids?", which sent the kids to a joyous spree. "Sure uncle, not a problem. I can manage the little kids as well as the big sharks", said the confident young man.

IPLgeek, TangyTomatoTwist, I nominate you to take up the Gillette challenge. Enjoy! Read the contest rules here.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Eyes on the floor

Yesterday, I had been to the Ewha women's university Museum for a quick tour of the Women in Ancient Korea. It was an interesting museum but I was happy because I had captured some unique pieces of art that was on display.

Eyes on the floor
Eyes on the floor, i name it :) Unique, don't you think?

reindeer shadow art in Seoul Ewha women's university
This piece of wirey reindeer was nothing when I went in the museum but its shadow around noon was too beautiful to ignore! 
U for unique pieces of art for ABC Wednesday. Found at Ewha university in Seoul, Korea

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