Sunday, December 7, 2014


This post is a part of the #WillYouShave activity at Blogadda in association with Gillette.

This cute teenage boy I know, who had recently sprouted more than-the-average-amount of facial hair, was flummoxed. He was trying to conduct the games at his little brother's birthday party. Last year his party games were a big hit with the 5 year olds thronging for his attention and enjoying every minute of the party games, even refusing to go home. This year, his cracked voice was not making any kind of impact on the kids. They were totally wild and distracted. As he was striving to get their attention, I noticed one little girl crying to her mother in the corner. As I go near her, I hear her say, "Where is Darshu Anna(brother)? Why is this uncle boring us?".

My heart heavy, I resolve to turn the tables for the Darshu, the furry yet sweet teenage boy. Mustering as much innocence as I could, I ask my husband why this handsome yet bristly teenage boy was sporting so much stubble giving him a scraggy, shaggy and shabby look. Before he could answer, I coax him to share his secret of smooth-as-a-baby's-butt face. Bursting out with joy and pride, he walks straight towards the disconcerted, hairy teenage boy.

"Ok, kids! Cake time!" cries my careless husband, much to the bewilderment of the hostess and pulls the nice yet stubbly teenage boy aside. "You want to play in the big league from now on, my friend, " he says, "you better get ready for it! I recommend Gillette." And, walks straight away to try the cake.

Few days later, I notice the clean shaven, smart teenage boy at a potluck luncheon, merrily chatting with his friends. It was obvious that he was getting favorable attention from the pretty girls around as well.

Later on, when the little ones were cranky just when the adults were trying to fall into the daze induced by good food and great company, my husband calls out to the smooth faced, well groomed teenage boy. "Darshu, why not conduct some games for the kids?", which sent the kids to a joyous spree. "Sure uncle, not a problem. I can manage the little kids as well as the big sharks", said the confident young man.

IPLgeek, TangyTomatoTwist, I nominate you to take up the Gillette challenge. Enjoy! Read the contest rules here.


  1. Nice post....all the best for the contest....I have also participated in it, check out my post

  2. Good one lotus. I am really proud of you and your writing talent.


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