Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The sign of the V

Nobody can miss the V signs that people in Korea make when posing for a picture here in Korea. All people young or old, male or female can be seen flaunting the sign of the V. Though many Koreans whom I talk to did not know why they did the V sign when they pose for the camera, I heard that the V may stand for victory, for the peace sign or (possibly in the olden times) the symbol of chopsticks to indicate that they were going for a meal presently.

V sign
The V sign :) V for Victory/Peace/chopstick/just a quiky pose?
Though the above below is the typical example of the V sign, with many variations in various levels of cuteness involving both the hands as well.

V makes the picture complete!
V makes the picture complete!
Typical poses made with fingers for the camera

 < ^^ > V signs made with both hands close to the eyes. 
<3 The index and thumbs of both the hands are curled to make the heart sign. (sarang he 사랑 해)
Thumbs up for wishing the best of luck or as the Koreans say it, Fighting!

I have not seen any Korean keeping the V behind anyone's head to form a horn, which was the main way to pose when I am with friends :)


  1. Interesting what you wrote about the v-sign. My Australian grandchildren often make v signs when their photos are taken. In one of my previous V posts I also used a photo of one of the grandchildren making the V sign. Winston Churchill was a great example of somebody who used the V sign.
    Have a great week.
    Wil, ABCW Team.

  2. I think it was just for fun to show V sign behind others head while pose for photos. But it’s interesting to note Koreans make the sign often and various reasons for it. In tamil nadu V sign is a symbol of Irattai Illai (twin leaf)

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  4. Cute, nice post...I use the V sign when I want two beers at the bar.. :)


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