Sunday, February 15, 2015

Drawing Seoul

Yet another interesting week! I had entered my drawing for the Seoul Typography contest held by the Seoul Metropolitan Government on the first week of January. I have a passion for doodling and I had used doodling with the idea of depicting the four seasons of Seoul as my entry for the contest. I was selected for the final round last week and this week, my drawing was selected to be one to receive the Special Commentaries award :)

Special commentaries at the Seoul Typography Award

Feeling soo happy! My drawing is now under the copyright of the Seoul city so I am not able to display it to you all. Anyway, here are some more of my doodles. Do see more of my doodles in instagram account here.

Cheers to life! 건배 :)


  1. Now thats worth a mention, super congratulations :)

  2. Congrats :) Sounds awesome! :)

  3. any chance are you an Indian? or Korean

    1. Very much an Indian! Learning Korean :)

  4. Congratulations, Meoww.
    When can we see it?

  5. Brilliant! Keep it up!
    Great to see you & our India in the list! You make us proud :)

  6. wow!! that's great and many congrats to you :)

  7. Congo Meoww !And Now I know you are Devi :) :D


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