Thursday, February 19, 2015

IKEA in Seoul

Happy Lunar Year to all my friends in the blogworld! Welcome to the year of the Sheep :)

It is a time of the year when Seoul is empty as this is a time when Seoulites visit their family back in their hometowns. So, we took this opportunity to visit the massive IKEA Furniture store that has opened on the outskirts of Seoul. It took 2 subway transfers and one taxi ride to reach that place.  

IKEA in Seoul
IKEA, close to Seoul

IKEA has been so crowded ever since it was opened in Korea few months back. That is why we took this opportunity to go there on a less crowded day.
2nd biggest IKEA
This supposed to be the 2nd biggest IKEA store in the world. Believe me, it was massive. We just skimmed over the store. The chocolates were the reason we went there in the first place :)

pretty pieces in IKEA
pretty pieces in IKEA
 The store was not so crowded as it was a few months ago, it was still filled with shoppers doing their holiday gift shopping.

IKEA Seoul
As usual, the furniture there were stylish, cheap and colorful

Thankfully, it was not too crowded on this day!

IKEA Seoul
Beautifully packaged furniture.
 Not wanting to do 2 transfers back home, we decided to take the KTX back. The KTX station is so close to the IKEA, only 10minutes by walk.
KTX station close to IKEA
The KTX station.

The long walk through the station

I slipped on the station while climbing down the stairs and ended up having a sprain and out of commission for 2 days atleast :(

F for Furniture and Sprained Foot  for ABC Wednesday


  1. Great artwork and wonderful clicks :)

  2. I love walking through IKEA stores and browsing through their wares.

    Oh poor you. I hope your foot is ok real soon. Take care.

    And Happy Year of the Sheep.

  3. Oh firstly get well soon with the foot, I like Ikea too...the furniture is so DIY and am amazed at the packaging and choice of products very convenient.

  4. Sorry to hear that dear.. Take care of ur leg
    Get well soon



  5. Take care. get well soon!
    Happy new Year of the Sheep. May the year be gentle & kind :)
    Great pics :)

  6. I like Ikea stores here, and have shopped there many times. Sorry about the broken foot.

    abcw team

  7. Ikea was and is so close to wherever I have lived in US but I haven't been there once. :(

    Sorry to know about your leg, hope you are better now.

  8. Happy New Year and feel better!


  9. Wonderfully captured!!
    Take care of your foot!!

  10. Things are neatly arranged there and well packed and stored. Seems IKEA has been renowned worldwide and only I am unaware. Nice photos... Take care of the foot. I have gone though sprain many times in past and last week also got a mild one when shifting to car.

    1. Ikea is well known for its compact packaging, easy diy and low prices. Although it is horribly expensive in Seoul. Thanks Jeevan feeling much better now. You take care as well!

  11. Great shots of wonderful shopping experience.

  12. Nice post Meoww.Loved the welcoming image of the Year of the Sheep :)
    Wish I can see it in one of your beautiful doodles :)
    I would love to visit Seoul IKEA someday. Its a great philosophy of DIY living ... hopes your foot is better now..
    PS. I have commented 2 times on this post before but each time my words are lost , eaten bu some corrupt network in between :p
    wishing that this one must reach you alright .. as just now another one on the doodle post got through the satellite maze !
    love n wishes dear :)


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