Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Third Culture Kid

Today I understood the concept of Third Culture Kids. At a seminar with Libby Stephens,  I was introduced today to the new breed of kids with a passport from one country, living in another, living with parents of yet another culture. What a mouthful! Imagine the culture confusion and language crisis in that set up!

These kids might be the "cool" kids with multiple passports, who have visited a lot of countries in the world, understand and speak different languages. But they are also the kids who constantly have to make new friends, adapt to different cultures, traditions and languages, missing their favorite grandma.

It is a tough life these kids have to adapt to and my kids had a bite of this fruit. Missing our home, (Bangalore still being referenced as home) crying for days after hearing the news of the death of our cat, missing the good Sagars, the touch of the familiar furniture even; Even more tough was adjusting to to the sub zero temperatures, yellow dust, slippery snow and heavy jackets. It was tough for them.

It was so good to see so many people on the same boat, coping up with the same problems coming together to bond and so good to listen to the world renowned speaker give us hope that all will be well.

I for Interesting Information about the Third culture kids for abc Wednesday


  1. That can't be an easy life for any kid. I know they are quite resilient, but I imagine it's such a strain on them.

  2. my wife teaches English as a Second Language. I think she'll appreciate this.

  3. It's very difficult. I move a lot and I can feel for those kids.

  4. I was unaware of the term TCK ! Thanks for sharing it Meoww. Its must be tough for them but then nobody ever hurt their eyesight by looking at the positive side of things :)


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