Wednesday, March 4, 2015

This week in doodles

This week has been so busy so far with the Korean class becoming more and more complicated and the number of school meetings increasing as my son approaches the 12th grade. I still found some peace and quiet with my doodling :)

Decorating the left hand
decorating the left hand :) 
My ideal world would be sweet!
My ideal world would be sweet!

Oh just lines!

Just letting my mind do the drawing!
In color!
H for decorating the Hand and Handmade doodles :D for ABC Wednesday


  1. wow! awesome.... and these display your confidence to me. great work and very creative

  2. Dear Meoww! As far as I can see it you are the greatest artist I have seen today! You can publish a book about doodles for decoration. These are too good to just publish on a blog.
    Good luck!
    Wil, ABCW

    1. Oh Thank you Reader Wil :) You made my day. I am trying to get in some serious stuff with my doodling. Thanks so much for the love and encouragement!

  3. How lovely and colorful artwork!

  4. Can I pick a favourite? The second one; the one with the sun in it.
    Keep the doodling, Meow.

  5. Every piece is amazing. Too good!

  6. Awesome! You are gifted. It seems like fine art :)

  7. Such precision in detailing!! Wow!! Amazing work!! Agree with what Wil has to say!!

  8. Beuatiful ! each one is so fine and natural ..loved the coloured boxes a tad too much ... :)


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