Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Cat Cafe

Another big tick next to the things I want to do before leaving Korea. Visiting the cat cafe in Seoul :)

Cat cafes are very popular in Japan but are a rage here in Korea! Taking care of pets like you would do your own child is very common here. I see people carrying dogs in dog carriers like you would carry a baby- protective and concerned, dogs in prams being pushed by their devoted human and the best of all, all the outfits that are available for the pets for all seasons- including hats, socks, sweaters... oh! so cute~ There are also pet hotels where the pets are housed with utmost care while their humans are away, salons where pets are given makeovers and pampered beyond compare. Cat cafe is just an extension for those people who desperately want to own a pet, cuddle with them, pet them and love them but do not do so for whatever reason. Just like me...

This cat cafe is located in the Hongdae subway station, close to the Hongkik University- Seoul's young gen hangout place.

cat cafe in Seoul
Forget the spelling. Focus on petting the cats
Small intro to the cats in the cafe
We had to wash our hands and apply sanitizer and remove our footwear before we enter into the cafe. We pay an entrance fee of 8,000won which includes a free drink. And we get to feed the cat also. Though I was feeling a bit nervous about the cleanliness of the place, I was relieved to see that the place was very clean along with the cats.

Cats were very friendly, playing with the visitors who feed them and ofcourse posing well. 
My younger one was successful in feeding them and petting them.
cat cafe in Seoul
Elder one got all the love and attention
cat cafe in Hongdae, Seoul

Water station
This one retires to its cubby hole after a long day of being petted and pampered. What a way to live!
This weird cat was scary to look at but was one of the most friendly ones. 
Queer cat

There were around 20 different kinds of cats and they were situated prettily in different places.  

The cats were well trained and would go use their bathroom and the place was very clean.

Now that we have checked out the cat cafe, I am more willing to go to the dog cafe and sheep cafe here in Seoul!interested

Q for Queer cat cafe for ABC Wednesday


  1. They eat dogs too in Korea, right?

  2. That's interesting and another first for me from your blog meoww !
    Guess we are similar on these grounds as I too love everything about animals / pets except I don't own one ! Well well a nice place to cuddle with the purring creatures :)

  3. Seems like such a great idea. I'd love to go visit too. And it would a dream for the kids.

  4. Cat cafe! Interesting concept. And thanks for the lovely pics :)

  5. This is very unique cafe. I have not seen this before.

  6. Top cat has such tiny ears!


  7. Just my kind of place! Love it!


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