Monday, May 18, 2015

Selfie with the PM

Today I got to meet an interesting person and world leader!

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is visiting Korea after his tour of China and Mongolia. He was greeted by Indians in Korea with a lot of enthusiasm and love.

All Indians and others were invited to view the speech of the PM at Kyunghee University auditorium. At first, the embassy had invited just a few of the Indians to a formal luncheon with the PM but seeing the tumultuous response from the Indians living in Korea, resorted to a bigger venue. The program was free of charge and all were encouraged to register with the embassy by sending an email.

The PM was scheduled to arrive at 1PM. But I reached the venue at 11:30AM. Over enthusiasm, i guess :) It was heartening to see so many saris and colorful salwars amidst the formal suits and volunteers. There were many shuttle buses to help us to the auditorium from the subway station. The sign in process and the security check was so smooth and easy. Only the wait for the PM was so long and exciting.

I guess I was expecting punch lines, double talk and drama (I blame the IPL for this). The speech made by the PM was more factual, clear, to the point and in Hindi. He insisted that the Indians in Korea learn from the technologically advanced Korea and implement in India. He asserted that implementing and educating people to have toilets in every home was a difficult task, but he was going to get it done. He maintained that India is the fastest growing economy and developing nation in the world and he would do more for it with his "Make in India" mantra.

The auditorium and the people
Free snacks, water and juice on the far end tents. Registration and confirmation at the entrance.  
Modi did a costume change between his arrival at the airport and his speech at the auditorium! 
Big screens on both the sides of the stage gave us a larger than real look at the PM

His talk was not motivating or engrossing but the auditorium was in pin drop silence until he entered with his entourage. 
Closest selfie I could get of the PM :)
Yay! Another selfie with the PM :)

S for- Selfie with the PM for ABC Wednesday


  1. What do I say!!! Congratz.......

  2. Good to see this.

  3. Wow Devi !! Your inquisitive nature is taking you in many different interesting paths and your talent is showing up where ever you go !! You are one amazingly talented person Devi !!
    Writing, learning a foreign language (not an easy language), flower decorating, enameling... Very happy to see your artistic works !! The way you have explained above in step by step procedure made me feel like I was there in person. I absolutely did not imagine the final master piece even when I was looking at the pendant taken right out of the oven. Wow !! The pendant with colorful heart is really beautiful !! Awesome !! Keep up the good work and explore more !!

  4. Good on you!!

  5. a bit of reflected fame!


  6. Cool selfie! Glad you able
    to attend the function... stunning venue


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