Friday, August 31, 2012

Moon over!

Yesterday night was supposed to be Typhoon's Tembin's triumph in the skies of Seoul, instead, our soon-to-be Blue Moon decided to put up an extraordinary and colorful show!

The brilliant moon with the clouds lit around it

Meowws moon with the colorful halo ring

Moon with a bit of color around

The moon one day before the Blue moon

Meoww's Moon with double halo rings around it.

  • Blue Moon is today, 31st August, the second full moon in a month. Have you seen the pictures of my Supermoon?
  • The word Lunar relates to the moon
  • Selenology is the scientific study of the moon.  (Now, isnt that a pretty word? Seems so... serene :) 
  • Over the moon means ecstatic, thrilled.
  • Once in a Blue moon means hardly ever.

Skywatch Friday
Color Connection
ABC Wednesday -N for Night Light


  1. Nice images. Looking forward to the blue moon tonight! Hope it is not cloudy.

  2. Mesmerizing images of mystical, magical, mysterious moon, Meoww!

  3. magical ...mystical moon . Loved the shots !

  4. Nice pictures. Great images, a moon of great quality and beauty. Greetings.

  5. Beautiful!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  6. once in a blue moon is a great excuse for night time photos, have a great weekend and thanks for adding to the fun of sky watch friday

  7. Very nice. I've never experienced a typhoon, I'm glad this one let you see the blue moon!

  8. nice. You can zoom in further with better cameras. Give it a try next time . See my pic here

  9. Damn beautiful clicks :) :)

  10. Brilliant capture on the blue moon! Thanks for the facts

  11. No wonder it looked Reddish over Delhi yesterday !

  12. Beautiful shots.

    Thanks for linking up to Color Connection last week. The linky is up now, come and join again.

  13. beautiful moon indeed! Dropping by from last weeks Color Connection

  14. Ah, the NIGHT. Of course. I thought you were on last week's prompt, with Moon. Nice shots, regardless.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  15. Every now and then we have a ring around the moon as well. You captured this one very nicely!


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