Monday, September 3, 2012

The Test

The time has come to take the test. I am ready to take the plunge.

Word verifications image from

I just have to copy, how hard can it be?

I have known the alphabets for a considerable number of years now and am quite familiar with a lot of fonts.
 I know Bold, Italics, Underline and Strike through.
As I peer, I am all primed for the recognition to dawn on me.
I squint and squeeze until i am cross-eyed and confused, and finally, I conclude Robert Langdon I have to be, to understand these letters so cleverly rotated, convoluted, stretched and embellished and at alas! framed in front of me.
Some of these letters are coalesced together like chewing gum on the carpet, conjoined so well that there is no way to tell them apart.
26, thats it- i figure, i will pick a something that looks like this one; But no, wait up, I forgot the capitals too. Now we have 52 contenders, lingering in my brain, waiting for me to pick one, while the others wait their turn.
Now I have another question pop in my head, will the numbers too have made it to the frame?
I type in what i guess, only to be spat upon saying i am much too flawed; Maybe i can try again, and try again real hard?

"Forget it!" I cry, after the fifth try, maybe my eyesight is not so good after all.
Let me try the voice recognition, that pretty symbol next to the codes.
I wait for the sounds, imagining Jim Dale reading Harry Potter to me.
But the sounds i hear is like the chords from the ghouls- white noises with ups and downs providing no sense to me.
Maybe a mistake, maybe a glitch, I try it again, it is still like the ghosts are sending me a message as in the movie Sixth Sense would show.
No messages from the underworld, no ghoul-sounds, no guessing games for me!

Sorry, blogger, i really thought your blog was cool.
I wanted to tell you that, but the captcha beat me with its cryptic code.
I thought your blog was wonderful, but via the Word verification, i could not win through.
I might not be able to tell you that but i really feel it, i do.

Is the code written for humans by the machines?
So hard to understand, so cryptic the clues;
Maybe its true that the machines in the Matrix don't want the humans to do the things that they can never do.
I for one can never get the captcha right, and looks like i will never get to you!


  1. hahah yeah so true ,i just came to know when some one told me that how hard it is for people to comment if you have enabled something like this and because of this you loose many good comments too .....just recently i too removed this headache for people who comments on my blog :D :D

  2. You are absolutely write. In some cases when there is captcha verification, I simply skip those posts without commenting!

    Village Girl

  3. Iam totally with you...I just hate word verification...BTW did I have completed the tag thrown by you...let me know what ya think :)

  4. Right?! Great post, so true. You totally cracked me up. Wish us all luck next time, Kristin xo

  5. So's such a know where:):D

  6. hehehe I empathize with u..have been thru this many times which deters me to take such tests.They are so bugging and at times u keep refreshing the words but dont get anything remotely close to legible reading hehe

  7. I swear! This thing really irks me…aaargh


  8. You touched a nerve here.


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