Friday, October 26, 2012

Gangnam Style

What does the UN Secretary General, US Navy Robot, Wolverine, and Britney Spears have in common?
They all did the Horse dance moves of The Gangnam Style video by PSY.

So what is this Gangnam Style Music Video and how popular is it?
  • Gangnam Style is a K(Korean)-Pop song by the Korean Artist who calls himself Psy, which was released on Youtube in July of this year. The tune, being catchy and the dance moves being unorthodox (inspired by a horse), the video went viral and got world wide attention in the past few months.   
  • A few weeks ago, the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon said that the Gangnam Style was a force for world peace. 
  • Gangnam Style became no.1 at the official UK charts. "This is the first time in the Asian Music History" says Psy.
  • 531,984,265 views for the you tube music video.
  • Most liked video in the history of Youtube. Around 4,461,862 likes. 
  • Gangnam Style is no.2 on the Billboard hot 100.
  • Top music video in itunes.
  • The first Korean to get such world wide recognition for a music video. 
  • There have been so many famous people doing the horse moves too. Ryan Seacrest, Eric Schmidt (of Google), all the good people from The View, Today's Show and many more.
  • There are so many variations of this music video including the clones in the Star Wars dancing to its beat, Mitt Romney style, Gandalf style, basket ball version, eye lash moving version, Spanish version, Bhangra version .... to name a few!

    So, who is this guy, PSY?

    Psy's actual name is Park Jae-Sung and he is 34 years old. He has been making K-pop music videos for 12 years. His first video was called the Psycho World (2001) from which he derives his new  name PSY, which was fined for inappropriate content! He went to Berklee, a music school in the United States and is fluent in English. His favorite actor is Tom Cruise and favorite icecream flavor is mint Choco chip. He goes by his famous motto "Dress Classy, Dance Cheesy"!

    So, What is Gangnam and what is its Style?

    Gangnam is an affluent district in Seoul which is touted as the Beverly hills of Korea with all the top designer labels from all around the world! Upscale boutiques to dress up classy to high end salons to coif up dandy. And of course, restaurants serving cuisines from every part of the world. Nothing is cheap in Gangnam. Not even coffee :)

    Gangnam is Korea's Tech giant with the headquarters of the biggest tech companies in the world established there. Samsung, LG, Hyundai. Samsung D'light in Gangnam is a delightful store encompassing three storeys of electronic haven. Latest 3D TVs and remotes that control the social media, top of the line cellphones which can control the dish washers,  appliances that dry wash and iron the clothes, as per their requirements. Love it yet?

    Gangnam is a cultural heavy weight too. The Bonguensa Temple located in Gangnam was founded in 794 AD and now flourishes as a center for Seon (Zen) Buddhism.

    Gangnam also houses the Asia's largest underground mall, the COEX mall (managed by the Hyundai departmental store), which houses an aquarium, gaming arcade consisting of atleast a 100 latest games and gaming devices, a multiplex movie theater and even a Kimchi Museum! Impressed yet?

    To take the cake, Gangnam, which encompasses a mere 15 square miles holds 7% of South Korea's GDP.
    Gangnam's got Style, uh?

    Gangnam Style by CHARLI-2 Robot of the US Navy
    Gangnam Style Infographic by Mashable
    Gangnam Style English Lyrics


    1. Never knew about this.
      Great information.

      1. People are thinking about Korea because of Gangnam Style :)

    2. Ahh...thank you for revealing the true facts about Gangnam style.
      Its become a viral hit for sure, it has more views than even the jump by Felix from the edge of the Earth :D :D :D
      Nice post :)



    3. About time you did this. Thank you for the info. More Psy / Gangnam news please!

      1. Am keeping my ears and eyes open :) thanks for the interest and the push :)

    4. I think you have to quit rubbing it in and making me more and more jealous!!!

      Othuke!!!!!!!! I want to so be in Korea!!! Of course in Gangnam :)

      I am making do with Hanguk neighbors and a sunbae at work...I keep practicing Korean with them...hopefully I will soon be there!!!!

      And the dream to meet Kang Ji Hwan...yummmyyyyyy

      1. Thanks for introducing Kang Ji Hwan to me. Not been paying much attention to the actors here. But my, he is cute ;)
        I hope you can come here and enjoy the unique experiences that Dae Han Miguk offers!

      2. Watch lie to me and coffee house...he is super delish

    5. There's this guy in Kerala called Santhosh Pandit (horrible, please google/youtube for reference) and everyone is comparing PSY with him. It's sad because most people think it's just another one of those crazy videos, but they don't know the meaning behind it- the satire. :) Thanks for sharing.

      1. Thanks for the Santhosh Pandit connection. Yes, it is kind of a weird comparison!

    6. Oh thank god for your post, I have been going crazy thinking what the hell is this Gangnam style.I had a chance to visit Korea once but had to cancel at the last moment. Been regretting it ever since. Hopefully some day. :)

    7. That was some thing i never knew ...nice one meoww :) :)

    8. That’s so fun song! I have no idea about it until now and great knowing its record break in music world.

      It’s worth informative post... Meoww :)

    9. Thanks for showing the clip,i read about it but seeing is better.

    10. This has gone viral after Kolaveridi. Reminds me of Govinda steps :)

    11. i had heard a lot about it..and saw the dance only last week..i imagined it was some south indian dance or so!! thanks for sharing the story behind it...this i did not know!!

    12. That was lot of information about Gangnam! Being in the blogosphere certainly helps me know a lot of new things. Thanks for the post.

    13. I've seen the video and it is creating waves.Great information.

    14. Thank you for sharing this comprehensive information about Gangnam

    15. I've seen the video and it's creating waves.Great information.

    16. Some fun this is... last week Me and my cousins danced to this and it was FUN!!!

      Thanks for this info..something new to know about the Gangnam style- I thought he had used that word just like that!

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