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Sanchon Restaurant - Temple Food

Sanchon is a quaint, very-hard-to-find Temple food restaurant in Insadong, Seoul. Brain-child of Kim Yon Shik, who learned the art of creating Temple Food when he was a Buddhist monk for 18 years.
Temple food in Korea, Sanchon Restaurant
The myriad tasty and healthy veggie accompaniments to the rice

Temple Food is primarily the cuisine of the Buddhist monks Korea. Since they only prepare food with fresh, healthy vegetables without the stimulants- onions, green onions, garlic, green chilli- Temple Food has become very popular in Korea due to their unique taste and a refuge for vegetarians. Interestingly, the royalty in Korea were also primarily vegetarian and the royal court cuisine also has a lot of influence in the Temple cuisine. Maybe thats why Temple food is so expensive! 

Directions to Sanchon
You miss this sign to the Sanchon restaurant, no way you are going to find that place!
Sanchon is located in a tiny alley from the Insadong main road. The restaurant itself is an ambience to enjoy and immerse in.
Sanchon- Sitting on the floor  and eating
Its all about Ambience- Eating sitting down on the floor was also a nice experience. The place is lit by lotus lanterns and decorated with antiques. Carved chests, painted shelves, huge bronze bells. I was transported to a different century!
Sanchon Restaurant tables in Seoul- Temple food
You could choose to sit on chairs too!

The lunch is a 20-dish experience starting with a soup and watery kimchi to fried kelp, seasoned wild roots. There was also pajeon and other kinds of seasonal vegetable pancakes. The rice and the accompanying veggies stole the show with the different tastes and presentation.

glass noodles and veggies at Sanchon
Glass noodles with jelly and veggies- looks awesome, tastes even more!

Dishes at sanchon
Watery Kimchi

different kinds of veggie pancakes in Sanchon
Veggie pancakes with seasoned salad
The first course- soup and starters at Sanchon
The first course- soup and starters at Sanchon
Mushroom and tofu stew to be eated with rice
The hot tofu-mushroom with soy bean paste stew to be eaten with rice
Veggies to top the rice at Sanchon temple food
Veggies to top the rice
Veggie fritters- Temple food
With veggie fritters to crunch on the side!
dessert, with syrup
Sticky rice pastry was a yummy dessert with the not-so-sweet syrup

 With tea and a sweet drink to keep us company, the 33,000 won lunch was a filling affair. The dinner is more expensive has a longer course with more seasonal veggies and also includes a Korean dance show. The menu varies depending on the seasons. Reservations are recommended especially on weekends.
lotus lantern
I never get tired of these lotus lanterns!

Entrance and the shoe boxes to store the shoes

Entrance of Sanchon
Dead end alley where the restaurant is located.

About sanchon

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  1. The glass noodles look great. Sticky rice also looks good. I hope you people enjoyed the food.


  2. I've never experienced this Type of food but it looks Terrific!

    abcw team

  3. Thank you for this trip and all these delicious dishes. The restaurant looks so authentic and historical. I should like to see it myself.

  4. All this dishes looks strange for me… don’t know will I like that also. For me temple food is Puliyotharai and thairsatham.

    The restaurant is fascinating in traditional setting and lantern is unique.

    1. Yes Jeevan, it does need getting used to Korean food. Cant beat our good old Puliodharai for a temple food :D

  5. you've recreated the atmosphere of the locale quite well!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  6. Wow! that is lot of variety in food.

    1. I know! It was so filling. i was almost done by the time the rice and all the toppings arrived!

  7. Loved the's cuisine and off course the food...!!!

  8. Looks yummy. I love the lotus lamps, too!

  9. The food all looks inviting and I'll bet it is delicious. Thanks for all the information you provided. Kate ABC TEAM

  10. I miss that kind of food! Love the lotus lamp as well, I have never seen one when we were there.

    Catching up with all the T entries.

    Travels & Wandering
    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

  11. Very well presented with pictures. I would have never known of these.

  12. food looks exotic and so is the ambiance (as you have mentioned). enjoyed reading this post :)

  13. now i am drooling and am so hungryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy .. and i am about to start my night shift aaaaaaaaahhhh .. not fair


  14. This is the best way to visit Seoul. It couldnt get cheaper or more informative or more graphic. Thank you

  15. Hi there, everything looks so tastey. I'm just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  16. Wow! Must have been an amazing experience! Looks fascinatingly delicious and an excellent ambiance!

  17. Wow the food looks yummy..:-) Great shots..:-)

  18. Wow...everything looks so tidy and delicious! Very very impressive!

  19. I'd like to try those healthy-looking pancakes.
    Love your food-posts, Meoww!


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