Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Flower festival

Spring is all about flowers in Korea. The weather is warm with a pleasant cold tinge, birds are back and the flowers are in full bloom in myriad colors! Perfect time to walk with friends in a field of tulips or hand in hand with the loved one under the cherry blossoms or to click away at the gorgeous blooms with yourself in between. Goyang Horticultural Festival is one beautiful place to do just all of that!

Located close to the Ilsan lake, about an hour's ride on the subway from Itaewon, Seoul, is the Goyang festival. The subway station to look out for is Jeongbalsan on the orange line bound for Daehwa. The horticultural festival, with all the white tents can be easily spotted from the exit 1 and is around 5-10minutes walk from the station.

Entrance to the International Goyang festival in Korea
Fast becoming a grey cloudy sky from a pleasant spring day

The Africa Exhibit in the Goyang festival
The Africa Exhibit of the festival. There were exhibits depicting all the other continents too! 
Pretty passage ways decorated with flowers
There were pretty pathways all decorated with flowers 

And many decorations with flowers
And many decorations made with flowers

Korean family selling veggies
Adding more interest to the displays by depicting scenes from a Korean day

Photo opportunities galore in korea
Pretty places for photo ops! I just discovered the Korean Kraze for pretty backdrops for the pictures they take!

airplants in bubbles
This looked right out off a sci-fi movie. Airplants hanging in glass bubbles. Very pretty and very interesting

colorful cactii
I never knew cactus comes in such colors! Wow.  More budding cactii pics here.

More displays of the airplants
Airplants dont need soil or water to grow. They can be pretty display pieces and easy to maintain. And hard to kill :)
Clean, clear Ilsan lake
Clean Ilsan lake with cherry blossom petals.

The tulip exhibit
Tulips in full bloom :)

Cactus in different shapes and colors
Cactus come in strikingly different colors and shapes too!

The farmer's market section of the fair
My favorite section- The farmer's market. 

Yellow cactus, anyone?
This was my favorite! Yellow cactus.
Framed plant!
Framed plant. Which can be watered :) What an idea!

cute carry case for the purchase!
Cute carry case for the flowery purchase!

The welcome display
This wel"C"ome display reminded me of Aiyannar statues in my hometown

Crashed Eagle restaurant
I spotted this very close to the entrance of the Goyang fair. Who's in for dinner at a Crashed Eagle-Aircraft Restaurant?


  1. Ah! Prettyness!!!
    You are really enjoying the Korean Spring, I see. :) Thank you for these lovely sights.

    Those suspended plants are very interesting indeed. Are those pots glass or plastic.

    1. Those are glass globes, DN. I bought one too. Waiting to see how it grows :)

  2. Beautiful, reminds me of the Bangalore Flower show at Lalbaug. God bless.

  3. You have done a good job, nice photos and apt explanations. Good keep it up, Lotus.

  4. nice photographs !! great clicks !! absolute lovely !

  5. Wow ..the beauty of nature always so exquisite.Thank you for the visual treat.

  6. Cactus was a wonder for me... I was not aware about hte colours n shapes...

  7. Wow! Must have been a real fun time clicking all those beauties!!

  8. Wow..amazing pics..Very beautiful:-)

  9. Very colorful and amazing shots...

  10. Such a wonderful photo opportunity! It was difficult to decide which i liked more. :)

  11. Beautifully arranged flowers.

  12. wow! such a delight to see the colors! wow again!

  13. so pretty...we are visiting you next spring anni :)

  14. Absolutely wonderful festival and you captured it quite lovely! The arrangements are so creative and colorfully made out of flower. The cactuses look like candies! hehe...
    The air plants are amazing and of course the aiyannar statue look alike are simple superb. Hope u enjoyed the festival :)

  15. Lovely :) thanks for blogging and sharing with US. Do create 500px account

    Keep clicking...

  16. Great. Btb the war threat has subsided?

    1. Though the media was all worry and panic, i never saw a tiny inkling of worry in any South Korean. Everybody went about minding their own business! No threat now either :)

  17. Everything...looks so serene...beautiful...!!!

  18. Definitely amazing event and you taken it quite lovely! The preparations are so innovative and colorfully created out of plant. The cactuses look like candies! hahah...
    The air vegetation are awesome and of course the aiyannar sculpture look as well are easy fantastic. Wish u experienced the event :) runescape gold for sale
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