Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Tricky Trip to the Trick Eye Museum

Summer holidays are here and the temperatures are climbing up! Thankfully, there are so many cool ways to keep the kids engaged in Seoul. Hongdae, where the student crowd of the Hongik University gather, is a hep and happening place with all the pubs, bars and awesome shopping all around and houses the Trick Eye Museum, which creates fun effects by optical illusion!

A famous spot for some serious camera work! at Trick eye museum
A famous spot for some serious camera work.

Fake ticket dispenser at the Trick eye museum
We started out with the Ticket dispenser

The horse guy attacking at the trick eye museum
And then proceeded to more violent business!
All these drawings are done on the wall, all with 3D-like-aspects that tricks the eye in believing something else (trompe l'oeil). And, together with just the right lightings and a bit imagination with fun poses, the effects are really amazing!

The huge child optical illusion at the Trick Eye museum
The curious case of the colossal kid!

Cupid chases from trick eye museum seoul
Get away from me pink skirted boy!
Flying in air optical illusion at Seoul
Don't mess with the Gods! Or suffer the consequences! 
3 way picture at Seoul
This is a curious piece of art which shows three different paintings depending on the angle from which it is viewed.

The 3 way painting at Trick eye museum at school
The same painting, as viewed from the left

The 3 painting that could be viewed in thee different ways
And as viewed from the right!

The dino ride at the trompe d'oeil in Seoul
The Dino ride!

Stuck with the green monster at the trick eye museum in Seoul
Stuck in the ceiling with the green monster! Oops! Should have placed the cap more carefully!

Climbing with the panda
Climbing with the panda is a lot of fun!
The fierce fish at the museum of trompe d'oeil at Seoul
The fierce fish attack! Thankfully he escaped unscathed :)

How the painting really looks!
The fishy secret revealed!

This is how it works:  It is the corner where the realistic looking fish painting is at. On the right hand side of the painting are some suggestions on how to pose for the best effect and the foot picture at the bottom shows the perfect spot for the right shot.

The Trick Eye Museum is a good place for a hour or two of fun where cameras are mandatory! It also houses the Mirror Maze where we find our way out through the hall of mirrors. It was actually quiet fun!

How to reach the Trick Eye Museum?

Entrance fees is 13,000won for adults. But there are coupons found in the free Seoul magazine which can be used to get the admission for 10,000 won. Here is also another website that lets you print out the coupon after registering.

Take the Hongik University station exit 9. And it is possible to reach the museum in around 10 minutes.  The Trick Eye Museum in housed in the basement of a building.
Directions to trick eye museum in Seoul
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  1. wow...that is amazing :) loved the dino ride and the colossal kid :) you have a cute and dedicated assistant...looks like you guys had a lot of fun :)

  2. Brilliant pics. looks like an interesting museum

  3. What fun! I want to be there now!

  4. Would love to spend time there!!

  5. Loved the three in one painting and the dino pictures. And I love your model (is he your son?)He is really cute :)

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