Monday, October 31, 2011

Fun creating names, websites with QR Codes and Barcodes


Quick Response (QR) codes were first introduced in the automotive industry to name and identify the parts quickly. QR codes are just a 2 dimensional square encrypted barcode. It is quickly being adapted into the IT industry because of its ability to contain a lot of information. It is usually found as chunks of black modules in a white background. The above is the QR code for my son's blog: IPLgeek Scanning these QR codes using the Barcode app in the smartphone to decode the URL and go to that site directly without having to type in the address on the address bar. This was created at the website.With the black and white QR codes gaining popularity, the customization will not be left far behind... Code visiting cards, logos, email addresses and website address in color with

2D Barcode

Google had a doodle just made out of 2d barcode once and the craze began to embed names, website address in 2D barcode. This was made from

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  1. "Great" it says that is suitable for your blog .. thank you


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