Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ra.One Review

The neighborhood theaters are great! Especially when it is newly renovated, sparkling clean, have high quality audio and is just 5minutes walk from your home! So, we started our Deepavali a bit different today, just flinging by the theater to check for tickets after a good breakfast of idli and vadai. Deepavali hot new release and we got the tickets on the day of the release and for the first show. Deepavali double dhamaka...

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>SPOILER ALERT<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

We entered the theater when the movie was starting... Perfect timing. Good seats.
SRK intro as a cool dude driving in a cool bike to save his girlfriend and joined my fellow theater-mates for a good round of applause. Usual desi-style mixed with funny scenes with the Khalnayak hero and the desi girl. 

Then, to the story itself. Shekar Subramaniyam, works for a game-designing company in London. Tamilian, talking accented tamil, with a bad hair-do, geek who makes Artificial Intelligence enabled Virtual Reality games for kids. Father of Prathik, a typical kid, who is addicted to kicking the fat asses of the villains in the video games and thinks his dad is a bore. Husband to tamil-badly-speaking but sweet Kareena Kapoor.

SRK, inspired by his son's love of the bad guys, creates a video game where the villain has the combined power of 10 bad guys and hence perfect for the potrayal of Ravan/ Ra.One. He also creates G.One- the Good One in his image, who by the way, is weaker than the bad guy. 

Ra.One is programmed to learn from his surroundings and situations and so, is able to get out of the video game scenario into the real world to beat Pratik who was the checking out the game. Ra.One, is able to change his appearance and is sometimes portrayed by Arjun Rampal and is quite a pain to destroy. How Pratik and G.One destroy Ra.One is the story. 

60% of the movie was pictured inside a studio because of the non-stop onslaught of special effects. But it looks good. Has SRK been sfx-ed too? He too looks years younger in this movie. The story (which is kind of an old wine in new bottle), is weaved in to cater to the kids and adults alike. The special effects running through out the movie is great. Kareena and Pratik go their parts extremely well. Just didnt like the dig at Tamils and the snide remarks here and there. Sure blockbuster it of the year.


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