Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Furrry's Tale- A hamster's story

Just born hamster babies with their mom

Me, mom and my bros, just born!

I was already in my mom's tummy when we moved to new home- a neat, well-maintained green and violet home in a calm neighborhood in  Bangalore. Mommy was actually happy about our move here and she was all gaga about the spinning wheel on the top of our home which had a wonderful view! She was nice to the new guys, happy with their more than generous amount of food and clean water. She would even let the huge lady touch and stroke her fur. But dad was not yet convinced and used to be mighty naughty by biting the little guy and the tall one, though they were the ones who cleaned our home every week without fail.
Mom had made a nice, cozy nest for us and we were born on a Sunday, Oct 2nd. The large lady was the first to see us... Quite a fuss she made, calling in the huge guy, tall one and the little one at once. I was happy that they were excited to see us and everything, but, i wish they had made a little less racket!!!Pink and naked, without fur, just a curvy notch for eyes (Which was still tightly shut) but with a fully working and extra-sensitive ears and nose, it was really tough to handle the fuss and noise that they made. Pink gummy bears, they called us- though we preferred to be called Furry, Fatty and Flimsy- we were the talk of the street. I swear i could hear a million different voices and had to be constantly cuddled under our mom. 
Under the constant watchful eyes of our caretakers and our over-protective mom, me and my bros grew well. Opened our eyes after two weeks, walked around the same time and even started eating the fresh veggies and greens that our caretakers provided on time. Three weeks into our lives and we maintain a good working relationship with our caretakers too. We allow them to hold us and stroke our fur run around their arms and clothes. The little guy especially is quite a treat to play with. I can make him giggle like geese by tickling him with my claws. My brothers and me play a game called "who makes the most poo?"  on this little guy. Though he gets annoyed, we know that he cant resist us and will be back later...
Okay, got to go now, i hear them coming. They will want to fuss and cuddle and stroke me, got to put up my cute-face... Ciao~
Hamster baby at 2 weeks old
Look how tiny i am compared to my caretakers hands...? She is quite soft with me though

Hamster baby, still with eyes shut, going only by instinct.
Me, at 2 weeks only, still with my eyes shut and going only by instinct!

Thursday Challenge- Growing


  1. Awww.. they're so cute, I'd be scared to touch them.

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  3. Ah, that is so very cute! I absolutly adore hamsters!

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