Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Colors of the World

Tantalizing Yellows

Colors of the sunrise over Korea from the airpane.
Colors of sunrise from the airplane

Supermoon from Seoul
Supermoon seen from Seoul

Golden sunset from Seonydo island in South Korea
Golden lights of the sunset on Seonyudo island

Resplendent Reds

Butterfly park in Changi International Airport in Singapore
Butterfly park in Changi International Airport, Singapore

Bongyensa Temple in Seoul
Bongyuensa Temple in Seoul during Buddha's birthday celebrations
Beautiful Blues
Sunset over the Han River
Sunset over the Han river

Emerald blue waters of the Seonyodo island
Fishing in the Emerald waters
Wonderful Whites

White spray of water in Universal studios
Water spray at the Universal Studios in California

white flowers from Korea
Flowers in white

Beautiful white elephant lantern from the lantern festival in Seoul
Lantern of the white elephant

Saturn V from NASA, Houston

Gorgeous Greens
Elephants in the wild, Kabini
Elephants in the wild, Kabini

Cricket in the nets
Cricket in the nets, Bangalore
This is a compilation of my favorite pics and an entry for the Capture the color Photoblogging contest from Travel Supermarket. I was tagged by Ashok. These are the rules. I am tagging :
Have fun! 


  1. Marvelous entries all!!

    Best wishes for the contest!!

  2. superb clicks meoww .....all the very best for the contest

  3. You had a lot of goodies there. The roof of the temple was my favourite. That was a fine sunset with those rays as well.

  4. Wow! the yellows, 1st blue and 1st red are superb! great job M

  5. good luck to you-the white flowers look etherial.

  6. Each pic has its own charm ! good luck for the contest .

  7. Awesome photos... and each one is unique and stunning! I enjoyed it :)

  8. Lovely pictures... each one more beautiful than the other. I loved the white flowers one the most!


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