Friday, August 24, 2012

Reveling in Pride

My dear little son comes home in a huff and tells me breathlessly that he definitely needs to go back down to the play area as he has left his ant hill unguarded from the Koreans in the apartment. On further inquiry, i discerned that he needed a "Do not touch this" sign made in Korean to protect the latest sandy treasure from our language-barriered friends to go along with his English sign.Yeah, i again whip out my cellphone to translate in Google's way the Korean version and draw the semblance of the output for him on paper. He says,"Mom, you are so awesome!" went down merrily to display it. I am of course, reveling in my idea and feeling on top of the world, by myself.

I turn on the mac just to see if anything new has happened in the 2 hours i had turned it off, when i see a Liebster award presented to me by Ashok. Liebster means favorite, beloved in German! Oh Cool :) I should be presenting it to more deserved bloggers, but i just sit there, basking in my achievement...
Liebster award for Meowws Musings on Aug 23, 2012
I have this habit of writing down the interesting lines, anecdotes, quirky problems and quotes that i read on the white board of our home, just to remember those wonderful words and let them sink into my otherwise forgetful head. Yesterday, my elder son comes home from school sporting a huge grin and declaring 23rd Aug is the best day of his life. It seems he had got accolades from his English teacher, for his essay. I excitedly ask him to show it to me. His essay was pretty good when i see the lines that i had wrote on the white board from long ago staring back at me... That's when the tears started flowing. It worked! HE does see it and reads it and even uses it! He even googled the quote to get the author of it! I am in ecstasy!

Quote from Hercule Poirot
The latest quote from the book I am reading now.

Turned out, this became one of my best days in my life too.


  1. wishing many more best days...i loved your idea of the white board...iam thinking of getting one too.

  2. Really wonderful idea and glad it works out :)

  3. Very nice post. Liked the category tag 'yada yada yada' as well. -- Radha Bala


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