Monday, May 28, 2012

Shadows i miss

100 acres of land for a school. National forest bordering the edges. Gurgling streams during the rainy season. A small bund creating an artificial lake with a quaint bridge to cross over. A huge lake playing a serene habitat for numerous critters surrounded by tall grass and huge trees. Prowled by panthers, passed by elephants, home to pythons, cobras and owls and many more. An amphitheater with a enormous-more-than 100 year old banyan tree. So far away from the bustle of the city. A calm, quite place to hear, see, touch, feel and smell Mother Nature and the bounties she offers. A school built on a hill but named The Valley. I so miss this little piece of Heaven!

Shadow shot Sunday 2


  1. I enjoyed your photography. Especially the moon shot.

    1. P.S. how do I follow your posts? There is no follow button other than the pinterest one.

  2. Beautiful environment for a school keeping close to the great outdoors!


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