Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tryst with Seoul food : Omurice

If you are a rice person, like me, and you cannot shake off the habit of wanting rice with a gravy or curds (yogurt) to anything else, Omurice comes to rescue in Korea. This one dish meal has rice and veggies and gravy with an omelet too :)

Korean rice is quite fat compared to the Indian varieties and is comparable to the Salem rice or the idli rice in India. Though it is tough to eat this rice with the Indian gravies and curries, it is quite nice in Bibimbaps or with toasted sesame seeds in Kimbaps. But, i think Omurice is the best way to have the Korean rice.

Bap, or cooked Korean rice with few veggies is wrapped by a thin omelet making a parcel. This makes the basic Omurice (Omelet + rice). Top with your favorite gravy, and it completes the one dish meal. 

Omurice with mushrooms
This Mushroom Omurice has a soysauce based gravy with three different kinds of mushroom. Mushrooms are quite popular in Korea. And there are different varieties each of which have a unique taste for themselves.

Omurice with pine mushrooms in tomato sauce
Tomato based sauce on Omurice with Pine mushrooms (Pine mushrooms are huge and famous here, in Seoul and even has a festival for itself)

Different varieties of Omurice
And of course, there are tons of options with  chicken, beef and seafood to go on top of the Omurice along with different types of sauces.
Almost any Korean restaurant serves Omurice though there are a few special ones. Omuto Tomato in the Co-ex mall in Gangnam area, Seoul is an excellent place to have Omurice.  There is also a nice place in the Ipark mall in Yongsan station which serves Omurice along with pastas. And there are a few vegetarian options at both the places.

ABC Wednesday- O for Omurice


  1. Replies
    1. The omurice was quite yummy but the other was a waste of won :)

  2. Looks yummy, especially the ice shaving! perfect for our hot weather now.

  3. Containers with delicious stuff !

  4. No one can part with such containers.

  5. Something different..
    containers that are very soon gonna be empty. :)

  6. Looking at the pictures I imagine that you might even order something just for the fun of looking at the colourfull containers.

  7. That plate in the first picture is colorful enough to make anything taste delish. Thanks for sharing your blues.

    Happy Blue Monday, D!

  8. That looks sumptuous!

    PS. Would you mind following my new blog, where my BLUE post is? Thank you in advance!


  9. Lovely blue plate! Happy blue monday.

  10. I would love to try those:)

    Visiting for Blue Monday- hope you can stop by..

  11. That looks so good. I miss their bibimbap.

    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

  12. My friend has just returned here from her 3 month stay in Korea. She loves the food there. I like the preparations but personally i don't like too much gravy and i want them separated from my rice, so maybe i will not like that very much. I am a rice person too, though not a gravy person!

    1. You can have omurice without the gravy too :) or gravy on the side!

  13. Now I know what to order in Seoul. Nice blue plate.
    Joy - ABC Team

  14. Hmm...that look delicious! Nice to learn about Omurice.
    I love your Korean-food posts, Meoww. :)

  15. I heard about Omu rice first after seeing "Rooftop Prince" and now want to eat it so bad!! maybe I will try to make it at home :)

  16. Something new!
    Tempting no doubt!


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