Monday, June 18, 2012

Kindle pouch with a flower!

I crocheted myself a nice little kindle pouch or sleeve today!

kindle sleeve with flower

I got the instructions from some nice people at Ravelry. Login is required, but oh! so worth it. They have hundreds of free patterns and beautiful designs of whatever you want to do -right from pretty afghans for the babies to classy sweaters for women and very simple sleeves for coffee cups to sophisticated jackets!
 I enjoyed making this sleeve very much although the yarn is not cheap or available readily in Seoul. I got it in Ipark mall in Yongsan station and later at Emart at Yongsan station. But there were not many colors of yarn available. I am told that there are hooks and yarn available at the Myeongdong  underground mall. I might go in and scout if it is going to be cheaper there!

Ruby Tuesday 2


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