Thursday, June 21, 2012

Book Review: Lavender Vows by Colleen Gleason

This is a free book from Amazon Kindle.

I chose this book because, right now, i am in the mood for historical and medieval English novels, with a touch of romance i might add. The blurb of the book specified just that and i was willing to take up on it.

Lord Bernard is a very strong, masculine and a good looking man on the other side of twenty, who is goaded into finding himself a bride by his father. Bernard finds love in a married woman, Lady Joanna, who is being abused by her husband Ralf. How Bernard overcomes the hurdles posed by the husband of his lady love and her irresponsible father to marry Joanna forms the plot of this short story.
The hard stone walls of the keep, the twisting passageways lit by flickering torches, the impact of the long lances in the jousting tournament, the brandishing of the swords and the stances with the halberd, is delightfully spun into the medieval background setting for the story. The rugged and powerful Bernard is well portrayed and so is the strong-willed, yet vulnerable Joanna. Maris of Langumont is an interesting character- a strong-willed woman and a healer who does not want to be tied down by marriage. And Ralf is also woven well with his weak-willed, abusive nature that almost makes you hate him instantly. The story line also comes up with a map leading to a treasure, which is the object of interest of Ralf, that Joanna is supposed to obtain from her father. The climax to the story does not do justice to the treasure or, are we to assume that Bernard has replaced the treasure? And I could not accept that "all is well" after a murder being committed for which the repercussions have been specified earlier in the book!

All in all, this book was a quick read, which gave you good ambiance, happy-to-be-in-the-hands-of-a-strong man feel, but still left a sour feel because of the loose ends in the book.

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