Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Xcess garbage

I was reading about recycling and garbage disposal and taking pictures of the noisy routine they follow when they pick up the recyclables in Seoul, when, by chance, i happened to see the Xs in the pictures. Can you find them?

How do you recycle in Seoul?

Recycling truck in Seoul

A 10 million people squeezed into 600 sq kms of space leads to traffic congestion, crowded subways, tall and umpteen number of apartments and a hell a lot of garbage! Thats why Seoul has a very systematic way for recycling the garbage and disposing the waste. This site here has all the info:

I am reminded of the recycling troubles i had in Bangalore: 

There is an old women who comes everyday in the morning to collect garbage from our homes in our layout. She has no specialist equipments like the ones above. She does the sorting. She complains if you have too much of garbage as she has to carry a lot more load and her garbage trolley is quite full. She also lines the middle of the road with garbage because the trolley is rickety and overflowing. All for Rs 25 a month. She smiles if you gave her a bit more, grins if you give her some left over cake from your son's birthday.
Then there is the paper wallah, who has this magical instrument: the balance. His job is simple. He weighs your newspapers with his magic balance and gives you 6-10 rupees per kg. If i were to stand on this balance, i would miraculously have lost the fat thats sticking out of me and return back to being a 2year old! The cheat. I did talk to him that he was blatantly ripping me off. But he wouldnt agree. Then i found a perfect solution.
I let my maid in on the picture. She is one vociferous woman who knows her business. I give her my pile of newspapers. She painstakingly takes them to the same guy, makes sure that he weighs it properly, (she even takes the lose sheets of papers) and recycle them, while she keeps the money for all her trouble.

ABC Challenge -X


  1. Yup, too much trash we create!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. That's a lot of trash....but I did find the X's before they were thrown out.

  3. Yes, I can see lots of X there!

  4. Wonderful captures from the top.

  5. Need eXtra garbage truck for it.

    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

  6. Those Xs were just waiting for you:-) I think the garbage men and noise are the same the world over.

  7. You’re right! People can still earn some money from garbage. Your blog reminded me of an old man in our neighborhood. He took the initiative of picking our garbage, such as plastic bottles and newspapers, and brought them to a local junk shop. We are glad he does this every day, as he is not only helping the neighborhood, but is also generating some income for himself.

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