Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hot (or not) shots

 Hot (or not) shots of ladies from the Innovative Film City in Bangalore.

Some like it hot (or not): Modest Marilyn Monroe from Innovative Film City, Bangalore. What is the significance of the red circles in the background?

Hot (or not) shot of Mona Lisa, by Leo Na Illai Da Vinci

Hot (or Not) shot of good "old" Snow white and the seven dwarfs and the red poison apple.

Thursday Challenge- Hot (or not :)
Ruby Tuesday 2


  1. Must visit this place next time. :) Nice shots. :)

    Prose, Poetry and Photography

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Geothermal land in North Island New Zealand.

  4. Hi Meoww, I'm a new reader. Glad to be here! Will visit from time to time. Do take a look at my blog too when you have time!

  5. What a cool post. These are really neat adaptations of the real pictures. The Mona Lisa one really cracked me up. What a hoot. genie

  6. Haha, these are nice ones.

    Rubies in a Peacock Lamp. Have a great Tuesday!

  7. nice shots, it's painting?
    Hope you could visit me here red toy car

  8. Interesting interpretations of legends!

  9. Great shot especially the first one..

    Visiting for Ruby Tuesday 2- hope you can stop by..


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