Friday, June 29, 2012

Pre-preparations for the move to Seoul from India

The next step after the decision was to get ready for the packing. Oh, we did a lot of pre-preparations for the move!
  • Documents: We painstakingly organized all documents(bank statements, certificates, etc)  required to be taken to Korea and the others which can be left behind.
  • Disconnections: Started disconnecting the landline phone and internet (BSNL people were super efficient), mobile phones (took more than 3 weeks to resolve with Vodaphone), the gas connection,  milk, paper, cable, transfer of the Tata Sky.
  • Home care: Very sadly arranged security and maintenance for our home until the tenant arrives. Missing it very much.
  • Everything Online: Made sure that everything, right from bank transactions to the email addresses of friends and relatives and other services were synced.
  • Dates: Fixed the dates for the shipping people to come and pack up our home.  Made sure that the relocation people, real estate agent and the company sponsoring us knew that we were landing on the specified date.
  • Home in Seoul: Checked, rechecked if the house we were going to land in in Seoul was all cleaned and ready. Our home and most home in Korea dont have a key to get in. They use a pin number punched into the key pad to get in. (All high tech :) We wrote it down in 3 different places, just to be sure and as we were landing at midnight, didnt want to frantically wake up the real estate agent in the mid of the night! Though i had his number also ready, just in case we were locked out.
  • Ride from the airport: Checked and rechecked if there was someone who would come and receive us in the airport and made sure we told them that we were bringing 6 massive suitcases and they had to send us a vehicle to fit it all!
  • Alien Registration Card: is a mandatory card that all foreigners must apply for within 90 days of arrival. This involves filling in an application form and applying for it in person at the designated office. This is an all-Korean job, best left to the people who do it right. We talked to the relocation services to help us get this done.
  • Packing and Shipping: As the rule states that we have to be out of the country before the relocation people can ship our stuff to Seoul, we packed the stuff for our immediate usage (until the shipping arrives to us in Seoul -around a month) to be take along with us in the plane. We did get the shippers to carefully pack this set too, under my guidance, of course. (keeping in mind the meagre luggage allowance in the flight and the extra fees for the extra weight)



  1. hmm..interesting times for u

  2. There are lots of things to take care of for such a big move. Hope all goes well.

  3. Good informatons.... Seoul is really a beautiful city... Such nice people... I've been there for long time... I've lots of friends & relatives at there...

  4. Sounds exciting!
    Waiting to hear about your settling in there!

  5. How are you taking care of tax filing in multiple countries? Are you taking care of any professional tax expert to help file the income tax returns in India? I am thinking of moving to Seoul and I am finding the tax-filing as one of the biggest pain points.

    I apologize for broaching this dry topic but this is topmost concern for me.

    1. I dont think that there is a problem in that area. Even if you need more help, the Indian community is closely knit and helps a lot.

    2. Thanks for your reply.

  6. Can you please recommend the name of the shipping company you used provided they did a good job.


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