Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Aloe Vera- The most impressive herb of them all

Aloe Vera is one plant i have not been able to grow in my garden. I tried enlisting the help of my good old gardener and he chides me saying that all the sunny areas in the garden have already been taken over by my ardent love for the roses and hibiscus. Anyway, i have my neighbour aunty growing them, who is also kind enough to share it with me whenever i want. After all, it was she who introduced me to the healing properties of the aloe plant:
  • Aloe Vera can help moisturize, soothe and hydrate the skin. When applied regularly, it makes the skin glow!
  • Aloe Vera is supposed to be anti fungal, anti bacterial and anti viral. The gel, when applied on the wound, is cured without scars!
  •  I just read that Aloe Vera helps with the building up of the body's immunity. It is also helps in destroying cancerous cells
  • It also reduces cholesterol and triglycerides in the body when taken internally.
  • Helps reduce constipation. 
Aloe vera gel for external use
Aloe Vera gel for external uses.

Here, in Korea, Aloe Vera seems to be doing a booming business. There is the aloe gel, used for soothing of inflammations and moisturizing the skin. But the fun way to have Aloe in Korea, is the Aloe Vera juice. It comes in green bottles but it is almost transparent with a pretty greenish tinge and with tiny bits of aloe floating around. The juice is sweetened, of course, but tastes so good, it always accompanies my morning breakfast :)

Aloe vera juice
Aloe Vera Juice for healthy drink!

Tiny bits of aloe in the aloe drink
Tiny bits of Aloe floating in the drink

I found more interesting information about the Aloe Vera plant here.

ABC Wednesday -A for Aloe Vera


  1. Fascinating - I knew it was good for the skin, burns etc but I had no idea you could get drinks made from it!

    1. Me too, Barbara. No clue until i moved to Seoul.

  2. But do you know the dosage before it can effect at least cholesterol or tryglycerides? You might need a few kilos, hahaha. We only use Aloe vera here for hair rejuvenation, not internally.

  3. I should use this externally more often. But I was unaware of internal use!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. Aloe vera is an awesome remedy for so many things.

    abcw team

  5. wow! I knew aloe vera was good for the skin but did not know if had so many other benefits!

  6. I used to drink similar product when I was still in my country.

    Aero 360's Arrows
    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team.

  7. wow ! the magic plant ! but i didn't know you could apply it on wounds as well...

  8. We have several aloe vera growing in our yard. So good for sunburn.

  9. I have heard so much of it and this reminds me I need to get it!


  10. I remember trying the aloe vera juice when we were in South Korea last year. It was one of the more enjoyable things we tried while there.

  11. Eyebright preparation s are also available as an Herbal extract or capsule


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