Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Ixora coccinae flower

The Red Ixora or Idli poo as it is fondly called in Tamil has been growing well at my garden. This was actually my old garderner's dream to have this flower at my home. He flatly refused my suggestion at getting different colors of the same variety. He said that the red ones were the best and those are the ones that grow well. I know it to be impossible to even sneak in another one, under his watchful eye. I had my eyes on the yellow one, but i let the old man choose two healthy plants and let him have his dream, for now. He is actually a kind old soul who has a passion for plants and i have learned quite a lot from him.

Well, they did grow well and there is atleast one flower in full bloom at any given time and they bloom throughout the year. How great is that! The vibrant red flower has been doing a great job of inviting many buggies including many colorful butterflies to our garden. I actually was able to see and show the kids the proboscis sticking out from a butterfly while it was drinking the nectar from this plant! I was also able to make my point to the kids (much to their dislike) that we got our dexterity in our fingers by making dainty garlands out of this flower (by attaching the flower onto the middle of another flower) while sucking in fresh air and its nectar; unlike the kids of this generation who move their fingers to the tune of the xbox, cooped up at home :)

Bud of the red ixora flower
Bud of the red Ixora

red ixora bud
Red Ixora Bud

red ixora flower in full bloom
The Ixora in full bloom.

red ixora flower blooms
Beautiful ball-like flower

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  1. Beautiful! Back here that flower is called Santan.

    My entries:
    Moms... Check nyo

  2. That flower remind me back home:)

    Visiting for Ruby Tuesday 2- hope you can stop by..


  3. In eastern India, we call them 'RONGON'---I have a dwarf variety of this bloom.
    Lovely pics...

  4. I love this flower -- it grows in Florida (where we spend the Winter) and I was fascinated by it the first time I saw it!

  5. Totally gorgeous, we call that Santal in the Philippines! Late visit from Ruby Tuesday.

    Red Baron is my entry, hope you can still peek and leave a comment. Thanks.

  6. beautiful ...loved this shade ! I agree with ur Gardner, red ones are the best. we call it as chakki :)

  7. So beautiful! Plenty of them in my country, and they bloom all year long due to our tropical heat.

  8. That's one beautiful flower!

    Mine is up- hope you can stop by..


  9. live the 'time-lapse' of a lovely bloom..

  10. Sweet blossoms in red. So lovely.

  11. We call that flower in the Philippines as Santan it's very pretty!


  12. Our neighbours have these plants growing, the flowers are stunning.

  13. Thank you for linking up from last week's Color connection. come and join again this week, the linky is up now.

  14. These flowers are so pretty & since they thrive in summers i will try to get them,but what is their hindi name(for my gardener)

  15. That is really cool. Thanks for sharing the details here.


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