Monday, July 16, 2012


Finger printing, painting on the walls, getting my hands dirty with colors and mushing through clay!
Digging out the weeds, watering the plants, cutting the flowers for display;
Climbing trees, plucking fruits, aiming for the highest one.
Jumping from the branches, rolling on the green grass, laughing with everyone.
Getting wet and dirty and dancing in the rain,
Picnics in the sun, sodas and ice cream, Oh, cant i rewind and go back there again?

Summer holidays spells fun for me along with the kids! I am reminded of the painting my kids did, few years ago, (which feels like just now) while i gave them the outline!

green and gold car
Green and gold car with a submarine nearby

Finger prints on the wall
Tiny multicolored finger prints on the wall

Yellow train
Yellow Truck with diamond shapes on it
Yellow and blue flowers
Yellow and blue flower

Tiling the pictures
Then, there came a day, when these pictures had to go away and make way for the tiles
Blue Monday
Yellow Mellow Monday
Midweek Blues
Wordless Wednesday


  1. These were lovely memories. I was given one wall of my room as a kid to do what I wanted. That wall turned into a journal of my years as a child and a teenager. When the house was broken down, the one thing that hurt the most was losing that wall. No one took a photograph of it in those days. Your kid is lucky that you have preserved these memories. Thanks for this beautiful post.

  2. love the poetic wish that you make

  3. Imagine into the future, when the "new" homeowner decides to remove the tiles . . . Thanks for sharing your blues.

    Happy Blue Monday, D.

  4. Cute photos with many colors!

    Visiting for BM- hope you can stop by..

  5. Precious!

    I played too. Mine are here and here.

  6. My kids owned the wall at our basement, it's full of their drawings and stuff! Visiting from Blue Monday.

    Please come and see my BLUES at Pleasurable Hobbies blog. Have a great week ahead.

  7. Looked like very happy memories! :)

  8. Such great memories. Have a blessed week. Debbie

  9. those times are truly precious!

  10. very nostalgic indeed! precious arts from your kids..:)

    Dropping by from Blue Monday…Blue Wedding , Couple Swan, Crocs Replica and Blue Flowers

  11. so sweet ! these are lovely memories ...thanks for sharing :)

  12. i love these paintings!! it's sad that the pictures had to go away but at least you have taken the photographs, and it's on your blog now :D

  13. SO bitterweet! stop by and link up

  14. Nice memories.
    These days fly fast.

  15. I love seeing the artwork of children.


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