Monday, July 9, 2012

Korea Science Museum

Thank God for the clear, hot Sunday morning in Seoul. It was raining the whole week, that i felt like a cooped up chicken. We decided to the Science museum of Seoul. And there was a bus from close home directly to the museum. We caught the 143 in the morning after a brisk walk to the bus stop and again, Thanked God for the AC in the bus. We unfortunately got off at a earlier stop and had to walk through a busy roadside market selling seasonal veggies to cellphones. It was not a sight i would want to go through again. We walked to the Museum that is located very close to the Changgeonggung palace, one of the five grand palaces of Seoul and the bus stop is close to the Seoul National University Hospital. The entrance fee was just 1,000Won for adults and 500Won for kids. I was kind of hoping for a exorbitant display in the science museum...

Changgeoggung Palace entrance
Entrance of the Changgeonggung Palace, Seoul
The museum itself was a somber place, with a lot of hands-on activity for the kids. It was clean and filled with diversions, yet with a bit of unexplainable dullness. It was crowded, as usual, but we were able to get a chance at every activity. Physics was of focus on the lower floor.

gadget at the Seoul national Museum

See the sound at the Seoul National museum

3d at the Korea Science Museum
Will i achieve 3D through a camera? Yellow 3D glasses
Heat Detector at the Seoul Science Museum
Heat detector at the Science museum

There was a person, selling wax impressions of the hand at the museum which was the show stealer. Dipping the hand into the warm wax and then into the cold water, we got a wax impression of my son's hand. It was pretty cool to see him pull of the impression from his hand just like removing a glove... It was then dyed in whatever colors we wanted.

Wax impression of hand

hand impression in wax
This was the result
Colorful wax impression of hand
Yellow, green and blue

wax impression of hand in violet, blue and white
Hand of glory in violet, blue and white.
As you can see, it is quite brittle and it chipped off the next day!
World map with Korea in the middle
I have always seen the world map with the Americas on the left. Africa in the middle and Asia in the right, in Korea, this is the way the world map is...Guess, everybody imagines themselves to be in the center of the universe!
The life-size triceratops was quite appealing. The looks of it, its movement and sounds were quite good.

Blue Monday
Yellow Mellow Monday
Our World Tuesday
Midweek Blues


  1. Amazing...doesn't the hot wax burn the skin? So cool...niiice blog!

  2. That is great looking science museum.

  3. That's a place that I really want to visit. Very interesting shots!

  4. Very interesting place. Have a fabulous week.

    Liz @ MLC
    Liz @ YACB

  5. wow! that looks like a great place...

  6. Looks like you all had a great outing!

  7. Wow that is beautiful! I love to visit Korea they said it is expensive? Is it right?

    Mary, MI

  8. that was fun! great place for the young and the young once.:p

  9. Amazing result, so cool!

    Visiting for MYM- hope you can stop by..

  10. Great Pics , looked like a fun visit !

  11. Good to see interactive museums! Lovely captures!

  12. Great captures and what a fascinating museum!! Thanks for sharing with us!!


  13. Those are gorgeous remembrances!

    Come and have some of my Yummy Yellows. Have a great week!

  14. Love that wax hand. What a fun souvenir, right? :) If I remember correctly they have this at the Tussauds too.

  15. Great view of a modern science museum!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  16. Interesting shot of the world map.
    Great series.

  17. Interesting wax impression of the hand! Tour son must have been thrilled!

  18. That was a very interesting description your visit to the science museum. I wonder if the one in Vancouver is also kind of dull. I haven't visited it for a long time. I loved the hand impression but am sorry it chipped the next day. Your comment about everyone imagining they are the centre of the universe made me smile. That is so true.

  19. The map reminds me of the "upside-down" map we saw in New Zealand.


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