Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Human is awesome!

Twitter-style story of the book: Human

Author: Robert G Berke
Human novel by Robert G Berke, from amazon

This book is a sci-fi thriller and was a page turner until the end. Really fun!

Lines that i enjoyed:

"Which is simply another way of saying that the soul is perfect until it becomes corrupted by knowledge, rather than the other way around wherein knowledge is accepted as being perfect until corrupted by the soul. Looks like we've reasoned our way back from Einstein at his blackboard to Adam and Eve in the Garden." Smith reflected. 

"Isn't that the ultimate question, really? What is a human? Who will decide if you're alive or dead when your entire body becomes divorced from your brain and your brain is divorced from all living tissue. If all that is human can be quantified, measured and stored, in ‘x' or ‘y' megabytes or so many boxes, then we would have to reach one of only two possible conclusions about the soul, which we've otherwise discussed to death.

Either a soul can be quantified and measured and hence replicated and thus, by definition not be inherently unique, which negates one of the fundamental religious beliefs about souls; or (2) there is no such thing as a soul and thus the existence of a soul is not a part of being human, which would be more compatible with scientific method. Of course, all that begins with the presumption that you are still human. We can't ignore the possibility that once you are quantifiable, you aren't human anymore. Take your pick."

"How can there be a selfless act in the absence of a self.

The scars and callouses, like heiroglyphs on the wall of a tomb, memorialized an ugly and violent history.

Truly, a man has to decide whether he will shed his humanity in order to become a god or retain it and remain a prisoner of his own flesh and blood.

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